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  1. interweb-tech

    (pic provided by venus_audio, it is the same cable I received) I purchased their standard Canare style (smooth surface) cable from them in the past for my TH-X00. It is a great cable and good value. Was browsing eBay the other day and noticed Venus Audio had posted a new variation of braided multi-strand cable so I contacted them and ordered a custom setup. Got it today.

    Cable spec as ordered: 8 way braided cable 6 feet long with OCC silver and OCC copper litz wire. Eidolic mini 4 pin XLR for Audeze LCD series with and Eidolic 1/4" Rhodium/silver connector. Price, when they become publically available on the site, will be @$250-$300 I am told. Contact them for custom orders.

    I only have had a short time with the cable so far but am very impressed by the construction & materials. Sounds great too!

    Other cables owned: Ursine, Periapt, Venus Audio, no-name Chinese stuff (some good, most crap) & eBay seller or two.
  2. interweb-tech
    My pics from today

    IMG_20180414_142156.jpg IMG_20180414_143457.jpg IMG_20180414_143533.jpg IMG_20180414_143603.jpg
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  3. interweb-tech
    Ordered a second set today this time with dual 2.5mm connectors for my other headphones (M1060C & TH-X00 PH). I love the flexibility and lightness of the cable. You can barely feel it. No odd tangling or bends. It sounds superb to these aging (barely hear out beyond 10K based on self-test) tired ears.

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