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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. zhibli06
    wow and wow lol

    thanks guys, i dont know what to say. lol

    @H20Fidelity really sorry to hear about it,man. and thanks so much for passing them on. hope it will be better soon


  2. mochill
    No problem bro, all you products deserves it :smiley:
  3. Tobias89
    If its good, its good! haha
    Haven't heard the other VE products but if the monk is anything to go by, you're doing a great job! Keep it up man! 
    Someone give the guy a beer![​IMG] 
  4. zhibli06
    just got back from cleaning the office lol , making room for the future ~
    thanks man ~ btw congrat on the ex1 review ~ 
  5. DJScope
    BAAAAHHHHH!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Just woke up, and thought "How crazy was yesterday?", so I decide to make some coffee and chuck the Monks on thinking "I bet they won't sound as good today...", and BAM Waiting By Dash Berlin and the wonderful Emma Hewitt comes one first. ^&&*%(*^*%%* What sorcery is going on here?? These can't be this good can they???
    golov17 likes this.
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    I bet that the N6 has awesome synergy with Monk!
  7. DJScope
    Its has a lot of finesse in detail retrieval but I think the synergy with the Audio GD NFB15.32 has better synergy as its got better imaging performance and more body.
  8. nmatheis Contributor

    It's amazing that earbuds can be so damn good, right? I think I enjoyed the Aune X1S + Zen combo the best out of anything I tried. Didn't try Monk, though. Maybe I should...
  9. earfonia
    Synergy crossed the price barrier!
  10. DJScope
    One more for the gallery. 
    golov17 likes this.
  11. RedJohn456

    I was jamming to the Monk today in the evening, put on a spotify playlist closed my eyes and laid back. And loved it. You kind of get lost in the music. I dont know if its just me but the monk by itself sounds awesome out of my BlackBerry Z30 and iPod Classic. I think it was made to be mobile friendly as well, but ymmv depending on devices being used ofc.
    The monk is always in my pocket when I leave the house for when I can sneak in a quick listen to the iPod. Very addicting sound imo. With the heigi premium doughnut foam, you get a nice balanced sound.
  12. DJScope
    Im still looking for some good foam or silicone earbud hoops. Any suggestions? They can't cost more than the Monk though. LOL. 
    The Monks don't like my phone unfortunately, but the Aegis does help a lot. I'm going to be doing a review on the Aegis very soon, probably this coming week. The Monk will definitely be getting a mention.
  13. nmatheis Contributor
    Just ordered the Heigi foams on @golov17's advice. Should be here sometime before I die, lol [​IMG]
    Monk sound good out of my iPhone. No complaints there. Just got the Aegis back from Cotnijoe, so maybe I'll give it a shot with Monk before sending it up to @hakushondaimao to play with and maybe review. I can totally see it now, though. It's probably similar to the synergy Zen has with Aune X1S which I'm finding I really enjoy with smooth earbuds, HP, IEM but really, really dislike with bright ones. Monk fits that profile pretty well!
    GO TEAM VE!!!
  14. RedJohn456

    earhoox is a good option, and it works for quite a few people. I personally run it commando or with doughnut foam :p
  15. golov17
    My son arrived to me yesterday on the new Peugeot and saw my Monk. Listen to your iPhone4 and Monk took for himself .. Monk went to another city, lol :red_car::red_car::red_car: :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
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