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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. RedJohn456
    New monk?
    afaik I don't know so but I could be wrong. 
  2. nmatheis Contributor
    Huh? New Monks? Haven't heard that, either...
  3. Coldheart29
    Just went to the Monk's AE page. The new description is simply brilliant, made me chuckle.
    BTW, still waiting my monk to arrive >.>
  4. nmatheis Contributor

    Just checked it out. Classic Lee!

    zhibli06: :beerchug:
  5. earbudaudyo
    Didn't golov tease them in another post?
  6. golov17
    nonono, red- this old, black - this new Monk, lol
    Just bought another pair as a backup just in case. Curse you VE for making such a great earphone I bought it twice! [​IMG]
  8. golov17
    $5 :scream::scream::scream:
  9. DJScope
    Got the "wings" that comes with the DUNU Titan 5 on the VE Zen, will work for the Monk as well. Ever thought that they could sit firmer? You can completely forget about that with these. This needs to be a standard thing for everyone to buy.
  10. rggz
    Wow!! Monk and EqualizerAPO + Peace GUI are really nice, if you wanna add a bit more clarity on vocals and cymbals, try this settings! download 
    Does anyone have settings on EqAPO for Monk? Shoud be nice share with us!
  11. flinkenick
    Do you guys suggest a burn in period for these? From what I can tell these have micro dynamic drivers, probably different than regular dynamic drivers(?) 
  12. DJScope

    I noticed them to benefit quite a bit with burn in. Nothing too crazy, maybe just a few hours. Just listen to them as they burn in. Enjoy the ride.
  13. flinkenick
    Thanks man. Still waiting on them, kinda forgot when I ordered them but shipping from China can take a while :)
  14. cocolinho
    Just got them...
    Just WOW!
    Just USD8 shipped?!
    Just the best value I've ever seen in 5 years spending money on audio
    Just VGG VE!!
    Now I'm curious about Zen 2.0, I can't imagine how good they can be for USD130
    FYI : ordered from Aliexpress on the Oct 14th 
  15. flinkenick
    Oh k guess it's a full 3 weeks shipping. I'll be back in 2 weeks I guess [​IMG] 
    Glad to hear you're enjoying them.
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