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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. Ruben123
    Got them! First thing I noticed: they stay in my ear (instead of the Earbells). Took some long time to get the donuts attached but wow. Just wow, $8 really? They sound open and warm, detailed and very pleasant.
    Bob Dylan sounds wonderful. Just right! Great.
    Got my Earhoox in and...the Monk's are held more stable in my ear but still not being held in the right position for optimum sound quality. If I hold them in the right position they sound very very good and may even sound better with just the stock red foam donuts on them but they do benefit from the Earhoox stability wise. I wish they had made these an IEM but they probably wouldn't have sounded the same. Great hp for 8 bucks just compromised by the design IMO. I'll still use them but wish they were positioned the way I like.
  3. DJScope
    It took me a couple of day to get used to, but now when I used them, I don't even notice that they're in my ears.
  4. vapman
    Has anybody bought extras of these? I wanted to get 2 pairs but even after being on the phone with my bank & CC company I still can't order thru aliexpress [​IMG]
    would love to paypal someone if they have a spare new set... i'll post a WTB :wink:
  5. golov17
    Visa, MasterCard worked
  6. vapman
    ive used card on dhgate but aliexpress no luck... i think its my bank
  7. Narayan23
    I admit I had doubts when I read DJScope saying: "This just might be the best value for money earphone/IEM/headphone that has been ever made" then I thought: "what the hell, if it isn´t up to par, the loss will be minimal"  well now that I have them I subscribe every single word DJScope wrote. These earbuds sound fantastic, yes I had a hard time putting the red foam donuts on and yes they feel slightly big and I have to point  the cable part forwards for optimal sound quality, but what a sound quality!! And that´s connected to my Galaxy S4 phone listening to FLAC files, so I imagine things could get even better with an improved source. I´m so glad I found this thread [​IMG]
    DJScope and golov17 like this.
  8. DJScope

    The hype is real my friend!!! Uncle scope doesn't lie! :)
  9. RedJohn456
    Have you tried the monk with a 75 ohm resistor by any chance? I think @nmatheis suggested it earlier. I dont have a resistor plug to try it with but might be interesting to see how it affects the Monk sound.
  10. mochill
    Pocari sweat Is delicious :yum:
  11. peter123
    It makes it need more power to reach the same volume [​IMG][​IMG] 
  12. DJScope
    Don't have one. I think the Monk sounds great already! 
  13. peter123
    With a 75Ohms adapter the bass impact is slightly reduced pushing vocals equally slightly forward. Athough I usually enjoy forward vocals the weakend bass impact makes the Monk less engaging and enjoyable for me with the adapter. YMMV :wink:
    DJScope and Narayan23 like this.
  14. stilleh
  15. kamoteFX
    Gotta try this one for a change
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