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Venture Electronics (VE) Monk & Monk Plus: a $5 earbud that taking the world by storm!!!

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  1. mochill
    :scream: I can imagine, it'll be epic:blush:
  2. Coldheart29
    Might be a good way to make me start eating at mcdonalds.
  3. Malevolent
    Well, to be frank, they look like very typical, cheapo, budget IEMs that one finds at supermarkets. If not for the insistence of my friends, I might have just passed them over. Well, I'm glad I tried them, but yeah, they still look utterly.. boring? [​IMG]
    Tobias89 likes this.
  4. nmatheis Contributor
    Yes, with the exception of the Duke IEM, VE's portable audio focus has definitely been utility over flashy design [​IMG]
  5. slowpickr
    Yep, everyone needs a little monk in their life...
  6. RedJohn456
    Monk + those hiegi doughnut foamies = awesome sauce !
  7. golov17
  8. mochill
    That's what I'm using on all the earbuds:sunglasses:
  9. DJScope
    HAHA! "Frank" I see what you did there Sir, and it was awesome! [​IMG]
  10. nmatheis Contributor
    Heigi's are on their way :L3000:
  11. peter123

    Where to get them guys?

    Edit: Never mind, found them on ebay :)
  12. golov17
  13. peter123

    Thanks :thumbsup:
  14. golov17
  15. waynes world

    Yup, those are the ones that you linked me to a while ago. They are indeed great! :)
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