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Venture Electronics (VE) Duke - a new high-performance IEM

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  1. mochill
    same concept here bro:laughing:
  2. peter123
    If any of you guys have got the Ostry tips I strongly suggest to try them with the Duke. I've only got the blue ones (rest are on the way) but man o man how open and beautiful it sounds.
  3. money4me247 Contributor
    lol I just googled those tips.
    OS100: LF less, dental correction Medium
    OS200: low volume foot, dental correction stronger
    OS300: low-frequency volume, tone correction strong teeth
    ......ummm.... what does that even mean??!?!? hahah
  4. nmatheis Contributor

    C'mon, dude. It's so completely obvious :wink_face:
  5. mochill
    :sweat_smile: day by day realism is becoming increasingly stunning :scream:
  6. peter123

    Lol, it means that if you use them you never need to go to the dentist again :wink:

    They're available from one listing on Aliexpress (just search for Ostry) and there's a pretty goos explanation there on the difference between the models.

    I'll update this post with the link when I'm at my computer.
  7. nmatheis Contributor

    How many hours are you in now, mo?

    Just listened to them while the boys were napping today - switching back and forth between Pat, Astrapi, and Aegis.

    Avoid Astrapi at all costs with Duke IMHO. Sounds like caustic ear cleaner :eek:

    Aegis was really nice. Gives a great natural sense of space without sounding artificial. Bass is punchy and quick. Upper end is clear and vivid. Volume control with iPhone leaves a lot to be desired, though.

    PaT was nice but bass feels slower, upper end lacks detail in comparison, and sense of space is nowhere near Aegis. Volume control is much, much easier.

    Overall, Aegis > PaT >> Astrapi with Duke to my ears.
  8. mochill
    I have 39hrs :blush: and they just amazes me day by day :smiley:
  9. leobigfield
    Guess that is sibilance attenuation level?
  10. golov17
    This burn for the ears, as well as for the brain, LOL
  11. waynes world
    Golov, you really should become an iem convert and try them out! [​IMG]
    Seriously, are you getting in on a tour or anything?
  12. golov17
    No thanks. I made my choice and I will stick to it. My earbuds already jealous, lol
  13. golov17
    A lot of them and I love them :blush:
  14. mochill
    The question is Wayne ,why haven't you join the duke train:grin:
  15. waynes world
    Yeah well, thanks to the VE Zen's (and Asura beta's), I'm now an earbud convert -  and I love them too :)
    golov17 likes this.
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