Vender:Razordog Audio

  1. jlbrach
    I bought a pair of Ether C headphones from Brian at Razordog and i have nothing but praise for Brian despite a very difficult process.The order got delayed creating a fair bit of frustration for both of us but brian had given me a very fair price to begin with and worked with me and kept me up to date on the situation the whole way through.It was a hassle to have to wait as long as i did to take delivery of the headphones but Brian did everything in his power to make the situation as palatable as possible and even went so far as to offer me a further discount which i refused.I recommend Razordog for anyone looking into headphones and other associated items! 
  2. johangrb
    +1. I've had a few good deals from Razordog over the past few years. Always a pleasure.
  3. darkninja67
    Bought my Audeze LCD-2 (new) and Hifiman HE-400i (demo) from Brian. Painless transactions and fast shipping. Highly recommended and will buy from him again.
  4. Chianti
    Very happy with Razordog. Bought my LCD-XC there - great communication, fast delivery, good price, ...
    Excellent experience. Too bad that he doesn't cover more brands - otherwise would buy more there.

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