1. skalkman
    VWM took a dive in quality of vape after the the nextiny. Everything after that has had a really turbulent airflow (the nextera i a little better but not nextiny level). I'm waiting for the spares kit to drop then i'm selling mine and buying an astron or hadaly again.
  2. paradoxper
    Half-agree. The Stasis is not turbulent per se but it has oddities due to the way air enters the chamber. The flavor still remains amongst the best.

    I would just buy more Tiny's.

    So suck it. :kissing_smiling_eyes: vbnm.jpg
  3. skalkman
    Just sold my forth standard nextiny. Don't really use anything else other than my maxi and Tiny CE.
  4. paradoxper
    You like them airflows, then.
  5. luberconn
    i've been using my Split atty clone with X-tank for months now. i don't even really want to try anything else. perfect restricted lung hit i like.

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  6. TrollDragon
    I've been running Aromamizer Plus' on the Lux and the Captain PD270. Squonking the Aeronaut 24 on the Lost Vape Drone and the Pulse on the VT Inbox.
  7. paradoxper
    Switched all builds to #250 (40mm), super pleased. Still waiting to try the much crazed Karlson-Russian BS.

    Additionally, I'm trying to get my hands on the equally crazed ParavozZ atomiser.

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  8. chillaxing
    What up my fellow vapers.

    This new site has made me miss some of my favorite threads.

    No new mods or tanks recently but did pick 3 bottles of grape flavor stuff from three different companies. All three taste like ass and cough syrup...

    That's all :)
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  9. paradoxper
    While the ParavozZ remains in Limbo, here we start with new tradition.

    Interesting work with the wires which doesn't seem so special and lots of hype and convolution with the newer mesh.
    It would seem as if the twill has layered weaving which should promote efficiency, it's still ambiguous how it differs or compares to the Russian variants which are cut at 45 degrees.


    If you are curious:
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  10. paradoxper
    Well, I really wanted to like the MKIII. The airflow options were pretty great and it felt very Tiny-ish. I'm left with only one true thing to note -- just how moronic those negative nuts are.
    I can see how many would like it; horses for courses.

  11. koover
    I had no idea a thread existed for vaping. Very cool. I don't know about you guys, but my vaping has got to slow down. If I compared my vaping consumption to cigarettes, I'd be smoking 4 packs a day. Just check out my tank. Think it's gotten usage at all? LOL. I believe it's time to upgrade tanks but this little guy has served me well. It's like my security blanket!

    IMG_1349.JPG IMG_1350.JPG
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  12. jmills8
    Ijoy Captain with the clieto 120 tank is really good.
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  13. paradoxper
    Well, my skepticism has been withdrawn. I do need to do a whole lot more playing but seeing these combos wick constantly at 40w is sort of impressing.

    Thus far, however, I've found the cord is more suited to lung hits than MTL; the atomizer will warm fairly quickly at 1mm.

    The twill mesh seemingly holds more juice and definitively wicks more efficient. The feel is closer to a #400 but sucks juice like 200SF. Interesting characteristics.
    I am going to go back to 29g 4 wrap and compare to #250 which quickly became a preference.

    This is the 0.1x12 I've also not tried light nor nichrome but I have them here. These work in the VWM and In'Ax atties.
    Other sizes aren't as limiting in alternative gennies.

    I say try it.
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  14. paradoxper
    Day 2 of the Russian Trials.

    This is working much better 0.1x12 light. With MTL there is a slight crackle/pop, I am unsure if another wrap is needed or if perhaps
    MTL there is not enough air circulating. Eduard (vapersbreath) has added additional sized cords, so I will explore there.
    With the airflow at 1.2-1.4mm restrictive lung hits, flavor is quite immense; there is a density and warmth that feels evenly balanced -- and still,
    the wicking efficiency is a bit bonkers. I've stuck with #246 but do need to give the 260 a go as well. Still traversing but have been consistently impressed.

    WP_20170808_14_13_54_Rich_LI.jpg WP_20170808_14_16_48_Rich_LI.jpg
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  15. TrollDragon
    The iJoy Captain is an alright mod in power mode, and doesn't work worth a dam in temperature control since it reads incorrect resistance.
    We are all patiently waiting for firmware v1.5 to see if they fix the slew of problems. One fix that is needed is the TCR range, it only goes as high as 200. I use NiFe70 and NiFe52 which has a TCR of 525 and 403. It will also reset back to power mode if you take the batteries out in TCR M1 or M2 mode.

    It's a perfect fit for one of my 30mm Aromamizer Plus' with no overhang at all. I thought that the 20700's would be great too, but at the end of the day they are no better than a pair of VTC6's for runtime. My Sanyo 20700b's greatly out last the iJoy's if you vape at medium wattage or lower.

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