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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. RustyPitchfork
    Keep on rolling.
  2. swmtnbiker
    I just rolled a Tesla E88CC 6922 NOS Gold Pin 1970's vintage into my Vali2 and MAN, what a difference! Much better detail and soundstage than either the stock tube or the EH I picked up for $20 on Amazon. Lovin' it.
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  3. luckybaer
    I went from stock tube to $20 tubes like EH 6922 and noticed a difference. I then stepped up to $30-$40 like Philips 7DJ8 or Matsu****a, and noticed a worthwhile improvement. I’m curious... when will I hit diminishing returns? Haha...
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  4. swmtnbiker
    I used to own a Bottlehead Crack, so trust me when I say it can go on, and on, and ON. :wink:
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  5. Lekoguy
    I have a basic, and most likely very dumb, question.

    When burning in a new tube, is it necessary to be running a signal through the amp? Will letting it "idle" for some time serve the same purpose?

    Thanks gang.
  6. hardpike
    So far I have rolled:

    Matsush*** PCC88
    Philips PCC88
    Siemens A frame E88CC
    Voskhod Rocket 1993
    Reflector 1972 siver
    EH 6922

    The NOS Russians are miles and miles and miles away from the others. In my system.
    In fact, so far away that is scary....
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
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  7. Mr Trev
    According to the sheet I got from Brent Jesse with my last tube, they recommend burning in a tube by leaving it powered up in the amp - no signal - for 24-48 hours. Or they also say you could just listen for a few hours every day and the tube will be burned (burnt?) in within a couple of weeks. Your choice, I guess…
  8. Lekoguy

    I'm pleased to know that letting a tube bake when I'm not enheadsetted will be helpful.
  9. bcowen
    It may be time to start a support group: Rollers Anonymous.
    Wait....on second thought, that may attract people with a different addiction. :worried:
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  10. volly
    If you get the chance, try the 6sN7 Russian equivalent (6H8C)! Phenomenal tube in my opinion!
  11. raf1919
    I just got vali2 and wanted to order a tube or two to try my first run at tube rolling.

    on tube depot it gives several options with no explanation what they are for or if needed. can someone with more knowledge tell me which of these add ons are needed with vali2? i know they sell tubes for instruments so just want to make sure i get the right one for me. Thank you.

    High Gain
    Balanced triodes
    Macthed+ Balanced triodes
    Low noise and microphonic
  12. bcowen
    High Gain: typically when the tube has a higher gM (transconductance) than the norm for a new tube. Not needed for the Vali.
    Matching: refers to two or more tubes used together in a component. As the Vali just has one tube, not applicable.
    Balanced triodes: for a tube with two internal triodes, such as the tube we use in the Vali. As the Vali uses one triode in the tube for the left channel and the other for the right, having balanced triodes is very important if not imperative for the Vali. Add this option.
    Matched + Balanced: the two above together. As there's only one tube in the Vali, again not applicable.
    Low Noise/microphonics: this is an "it depends" kind of thing. Very important for phono stages, and while there can certainly be some benefit to a "low noise" tube for the Vali, it all depends on what the additional cost is. Microphonics are not really an issue for the Vali if being used with headphones, as it's (generally speaking) external vibrations/sound waves that cause the microphonics to become audible, and that's usually caused by loudspeakers rather than headphones. I'm painting this issue with a very broad brush as there's a lot more involved, but for the Vali, I may spend an extra couple dollars for a low noise tube, but if the additional premium is a lot more than that I wouldn't....personally.

    Hope this helps a little....
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  13. chef8489
    With all the tubes I have tried and I have tried a lot including trying 3 different adapters, I keep going back to the 70 era Reflector 6n3p-e
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  14. bcowen
    With an avatar like yours, I knew your comments were worthy of attention. :stuck_out_tongue: I gave a Voshkod/Reflector 6N3P-E a try last night, and was quite frankly surprised at how good it is. Perhaps it's the intellectual disconnect equating inexpensive with good, but I wasn't expecting it. I still haven't found anything (yet) that sounds better in my rig to my ears than the Hytron 5692, but out of the 20 or so tubes I've tried so far, the Voshkod leapfrogs some rather pricey NOS contenders into 3rd place (with 2nd place going to the Telefunken 6DJ8). When you consider the Voshkods can still be had for a bit over $1 a tube in small quantities (including shipping), their price/performance ratio is off the charts.


    Go 'Heels!!
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  15. chef8489
    Yes, if you buy them in smaller quantities in 2, 4, and 8 they are around 2.00 a tube including shipping and with the adapter it is worth it. The detail and warmth in bass as well as the extension in the highs it gives. It is an extremely hard tube to beat.
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