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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. volly
    @Mr Trev - 12au7 hey....I got a few from previous tube amps, I think I got a 12au7 Gold lion Genelex as well...would love to try it in the Vali 2.
    Does the adapter keep the tube from drawing too much power? Might order an adapter this week.

    @bcowen - If you got good eyes, try reading the markings/lettering on the Tele's, apparently that will give you an idea on which factory they were made in. I believe the 'real' Tele's came from Germany and there are other's manufactured in by Philips?
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  2. Mr Trev
    I don't think the power demands of the 12au7 are any worse/ higher than the 6dj8, so I don't see it being an issue. From the info I've gathered no harm can be done either way. The only difference I've noticed is the filaments don't seem to glow as bright as they did in my P1 - still sounds great, though.

    One thing to keep in mind… It's Chinese New Year so the country is closed until the end of the month:wink:
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  3. bcowen
    Found 3 of the ECC88's that test quite well with closely matched triodes. All 3 have "Made in Germany" silkscreened on them (easy to read) and the Tele diamond molded in the glass on the bottom. Not sure if the diamond is any indication of the factory, only that it's a genuine Tele.

    Need to give the one I put in some more break-in time, but it already sounds pretty awesome. Compared to the Mullard it has better defined bass with more impact, and a more detailed treble. Overall more dynamic. It gives up a bit of the to-die-for midrange of the Mullard. Still nice, but lacking that last bit of richness and palpability. The Tele is rock-n-roll nirvana, while the Mullard makes classical sound like the only art form worthy of being called music. :grinning: I'll post more thoughts once I'm confident the Tele has fully settled in.
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  4. volly
    I tellz ya, this telefunken is gosh darn beautiful to listen too! It's really something, been in my stash for a while and delivers like a mofo!

    @bcowen - Your tube stash sounds like some sexy 70's man-cave up in there! :D
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  5. bcowen
    :nerd::nerd: A misspent youth, most likely. Most of the NOS stuff was bought 15-20 years ago, some from retail dealers, some by getting lucky in resale shops and estate sales, most from Ebay. A good tube tester was critical for the Ebay stuff...had a minty Hickok 539C and stupidly sold it in favor of my current 752A 'cause the 752A tests the second triode in a dual triode tube with the push of a button rather than having to rotate 4 knobs with the 539C. But the 539C was a much more thorough tester, and I never could justify the bucks for one of the lab grade testers. I keep planning on selling some of this off, and then I run across a use for the unused stuff and am glad I kept it. Most of the big octals and 4-pinners (KT-66's/77's/88's, 300B's, EL-34's, 6550's, 845's, etc) are in the back of the closet and I'm way too lazy to go drag them out. :blush:


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  6. volly
  7. bcowen
    Well, Mr Trev, you must have used the Force on my weak will and have me buying another dang adapter. :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes: I knew these would be put to good use at some point. The Mullards can sound really good in the right component, and the Amperex 7316 is to the 12AU7 world what the Telefunken E188CC is to the 6DJ8 world (except the 7316's aren't unobtanium, at least right now).

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  8. Mr Trev
    Dang, that's quite the stash you have. Finding the 12au7 adapter was available was a big reason I ended up with the Vali2. I was leaning towards a g1217 due to the fact they have a wider range of rolling options, but with the adapter the Vali narrows things a bit (the g1217 still wins, being able to use up to 1a heater current)

    I don't have a huge selection of 12au7 (or other tubes in general - I'm fairly new to this tube thing), so I can't say they'll blow you away in the Vali2. I can say they won't blow up in your face however:wink:
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  9. luckybaer
    I have a Philips PCC88/7DJ8 and a Matsush!ta/National PCC88/7DJ8 arriving today. I am interested to see how they sound relative to my “entry-level” Electro Harmonix 6922 and JJ E88CC.

    The EH6922 is my favorite so far. It doesn’t have the low end of the JJ E88CC, but it seems to have a more neutral and airy signature. Both are fun listens, and upgrades to the stock tube I received (not a bad listen, but relatively thin and cold compared to the other two).

    One other note: since I like swapping out tubes, I purchased a socket saver from Tube Monger:

    Plug Play NOVIB Socket Saver©-1960s NOS British McMurdo Phenolic socket on Top plus Vibration Reduction Base - 9-pin B9A NOVAL -( NOT MADE IN CHINA) - NEW VERSION

    It was a little pricey than some other options, but I figured it would be worth it for some peace of mind.

    I also have a Magni 3 in order (Schiit says it will ship 7-14 business days after the order is received). I can’t wait to compare the Magni to my Vali. I couldn’t resist getting the Magni - at $99, I’ve read that it can hold its own against SS amps costing 2x or 3x more.
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  10. volly
    From all accounts the EH6922 is a very fine tube, up there with the best of today's production.

    I'd recommend anyone to try a NOS Telefunken, (NOT CHEAP) but damn if you can get a good price on one, then go for it! A worthy tube for your stash!

    Magni 3 - Such great feedback about that little amp. I got too many amps and I'm saving up for one of them Focal headphones but damn...tempted to replace the Asgard 2 but she treats me well!
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  11. Mr Trev
    The amp I bought (second-hand) came with a few tubes. I was pleasantly surprised with the JJ 6922 gold pin. Not so much with the Philips JAN 6922. Still haven't managed the courage to try the stock 6bz7

    I have a Tele ECC189. It does sound good, but seems to be prone to random bursts of noise in the Vali (possibly due to the variable gain). My EI Yugo 12au7 (which I'll now refer to as Yugo-Funken) was built with Tele tooling and supposedly has many similar sound characteristics. My fav by far. I should be getting a TS mouse ear 6sn7 this week - depending on the shipping gods, so I'll see if that still holds true
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  12. bcowen
    I'll be very interested to hear the 12AU7 in the Vali. I've had quite a number of components in my big rig over the years that used the 12AU7, so I've built up a pretty varied stash. The Amperex 7316 is my hands-down favorite, but lots of other good flavors out there too including variants like the 5963, 5814, 6189, etc. I'll be having more fun when the adapter arrives, and thanks for the heads-up on rolling this tube! Oh, and NOT blowing up in my face is a huge positive. :grimacing:
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  13. bcowen
    A big, resounding +1 on the Telefunkens. After some more play time, mine is sounding pretty amazing. The Mullard still beats it with the harmonic depth and detailing in the midrange, but the Tele is better in most every other respect, and way better in some areas like bass extension, treble detail, and overall dynamics.

    And wouldn't you know it...my 5670/396A adapter showed up today. :angry: Not the first one....the second one I ordered more than 3 weeks after ordering the first one, LOL. I just have to try it, but I have no real desire to uproot the Tele at this point. Maybe later. :laughing:
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  14. volly
    Haha...always the way with eBay! LOL :laughing:

    Yeah, the Telefunken though, gosh! You said it better than me. I had it in for 2-3 nights now and I've had to A/B it with different headphones (HD600/D2000/X2/T-X0) cause it was sounding just wonderful. liquidy smooth with astonishing detail retrieval like a Russian NOS but even more romantic!

    I'll be rolling in a 7Dj8 Seimens next but I think it's gonna have to wait a while. Just having a great time with this tube again, I find these moments are few and far between!

    Got a feeling my 5670 adapter should be arriving next week. (just the one though!):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  15. luckybaer
    The Philips PCC88/7DJ8 and Matsush!ta/National PCC88/7DJ8 are a cut or two over the other 3 tubes I have. Bass: More impact, more extension, more cohesion. Treble: Clean, better extension - decay on cymbals is a step up, for example. Mids: smooooth - what I would expect from a decent tube. I've done all my listening with my DT880 (250 ohm), and I've got to say they synergize quite well with my gear and these tubes. Fatigue that sometimes annoys me due to the DT880's highs has all but been eliminated. Very pleased!

    Oh, and I probably should add the music I've listened to while making comparisons:

    Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin, "Led Zeppelin II"
    Here Comes Your Man - Pixies, "Doolittle"
    YYZ - Rush, "Moving Pictures"
    Daytime Drama - Billy Idol, "Rebel Yell"
    Someday, Someway - Marshall Crenshaw, "Marshall Crenshaw"
    Never You Done That - General Public, "All the Rage"
    Supernaut - Black Sabbath, "Vol. 4"
    Rainbow In The Dark, Dio, "Holy Diver"
    Skin O' My Teeth, Megadeth, "Countdown to Extinction"
    Let Me Drown, Soundgarden, "Superunknown"

    Sorry. No classical, jazz, etc.

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
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