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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. boostdemon
    Man that sucks. I got mine today and it was purchased on the 17th. It is chinese new year though so maybe its slow.

    This is what he wrote back to me today:
    ecc88 and 12ax7 only filament pins different, the board have have three jumpers, one for ECC88 tube, two for 12AX7 tube, if you have multimeter you can test, the adapter sold over 600pices, never not works.

    I cant imagine that I have 2 bad tubes. I guess i could go buy another converter and another 6N3 tube to test with and see whats what? I do have a multimeter - i suppose i could try and figure out whats messed up - i'm guessing its the converter but I dont want to damage anything by screwing up.
  2. boostdemon
    Where in NC are you? I'm in Cary. I'd be happy to send you mine.. you can test it out.
  3. bcowen
    "ecc88 and 12ax7 only filament pins different..."

    LOL! Therefore the correct voltage to the filament (cathode) must be irrelevant to the proper operation of the tube. Good grief.
    I don't know how these things are wired (as I don't have mine yet :laughing:), and I'm by no means a tube expert, so I can't say for sure it's the adapter. But his cavalier dismissal of the filament wiring doesn't instill much confidence. It's possible (although unlikely) you could have 2 bad tubes -- tubes sourced from Ebay can be pretty risky if you don't know the seller.

    I'm in Mt. Holly, but grew up in Raleigh and spent many hours of my youth "borrowing" the latest and greatest stuff from Cary Audio. If you want to send me the adapter to try I'm game. You can send me the tubes to test too if you like -- have a Hickok 752A that's one of the better Hickok's. Not a comprehensive test rig, but will show any gross defects like gas, shorts, low gM or poorly matched triode sections.
  4. bcowen
    Forgot to mention. Nifty program here:


    Download and install (it's only 1.5 mb or so), and using the search on the menu bar you can quickly look up any tube and see its pinout, ratings, and links to data sheets. Might be of some help if you want to see what you can find with your multimeter.
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  5. boostdemon
    Cool, I'll do some simple testing to see if i can figure out which part is the culprit this weekend... and if i have no luck, send me your shipping info and i'll send em over to you. Thanks!
  6. bcowen
    Hope there's some truth to the saying "3rd time's the charm." The first 6922 -> 396A adapter I ordered from "tubemalls" (Ebay) back at the beginning of January is finally showing tracking activity. It's in Frankfort...the one in Germany, not Kentucky. :astonished: Even Kentucky is a bit of an inconvenience since I'm in NC. The 2nd one I ordered almost 2 weeks ago from another Ebay seller is still showing "acceptance" at the origin Post Office, but hasn't even been "scanned into sack" yet. If it starts moving at some point, there's no telling what continent it may end up on. So 3rd try today through AliExpress. I've had good luck ordering stuff through their sellers, just as I've had very bad luck ordering from Chinese sellers on Ebay. So crossing fingers....maybe one day I'll get an adapter so I can play with some 396A's and 5670's. Until then, I'm groovin' to a '60's vintage Mullard CV2492. I did NOT like this tube in my big-rig preamp -- mushy, slow, and syrupy sounding, and while the bass is a bit "plump" in the Vali, the midrange and lower treble is giving me a heapin' serving of goosebumps. If the 396A and variants blow the 6922/6DJ8 family into the weeds, I can't wait to maybe finally someday sometime get an adapter. :stuck_out_tongue:
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  7. volly
    Haha...I'd imagine you're gonna be inundated with tube adapters, sometimes it's pot luck when ordering off eBay. I get most my stuff from there and yes certain seller are questionable with long delivery times. But lucky for me the stuff I order ends up at it's destination!

    I've ordered a single slot adapter myself for my 5670 stash, I have a dual adapter which works fine but I'd like to test whether there is an audible difference between a dual socket to a single (just for laughs :D).

    I still haven't gotten around to the Mullards yet, can never get them for a 'decent' price but only hear good things about the characteristics of them. When I get my adapter I'd probably shoot for a few more 5670 equivalent tubes, Mullard included!

    Right now, I've rolled in my Telefunken 7Dj8's, talk about goosebumps! Liquid-like clarity in the midband, solid sound stage and that extension low and high (gasp!). Great tube, I'd glad I bought it years ago! The Siemens 7Dj8 might be next.

    On a different topic, I heard Schiit are moving to the new production 6Sn7 tube by TungSol for some of their products, tempted to get one as I can source The Tungsol locally from a guitar shop, having these adapters for other tube variants is extremely handy! More so Schiit making a very decent hybrid tube amp to roll with.

    I think you'll find that you'll either love or hate some tubes in your stash, and from time to time, you'll just be rolling in a certain personalities that you're missing (sort of like eq'ing :D).

    Good luck.
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  8. bcowen
    You're probably right....I'll end up with 3 adapters. Only question is if they'll appear while I can still hear. Maybe I'm just overly spoiled with Amazon Prime.

    Be very interested in your thoughts on the dual versus single adapter when you get it. I've been ordering the single version, but if there's some additional goodness with two versus one, I'll order up a dual. Who knows, it may end up getting here first.... :astonished:

    I've tried both Matsu****a and Philips 7DJ8's. Neither one pushed my buttons, but then neither one are Telefunkens either. Have a few different vintages of Tele 6DJ8's, but haven't tried them in the Vali yet. And while I like much of the Amperex 6DJ8 family (especially the 7308), Telefunken was the grand master of that tube type (IMO) which would logically continue into the 7DJ8 as well.
    Have a 6SN7 adapter ordered, and yes, it's not here yet. :confounded: Have a pretty big stash of 6SN7/5692's, so eager to find that magical combination that makes me quit ordering adapters!!.
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  9. volly
    Mate, if you got some NOS 6Dj8 Telefunken's then you might be on a good thing! Sadly the prices on those kinds have skyrocketed.
  10. bcowen
    Well, now you have me rummaging through the stash. :relaxed: Have to run some through the Hickok and find one with closely matched triode sections.

    Gotcha on the "EQ'ing" thing, although I cheated by adding a Loki last week. What fun! I had to close the blinds and dim the lights to minimize risk of discovery by the audiophile police ("You're using an...an...an...EQUALIZER?!?!?") :astonished:, but it's way worth it. The Loki seems to do no wrong by veiling or adding noise or phase shift like most inexpensive 'tone controls' do, so I'm quite pleased with it. I wanted just a bit more weight and fullness in the mid/upper bass with the Alpha Primes, and the Loki does just that without introducing other liabilities.
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  11. volly
    Mate, the Loki would be fun times! My speaker amp has limited tone control (treble/bass), comes in hand with my older rock/metal tracks.

    I'd imagine, the loki stacked with a Vali 2 would be mini dynamo! A beautiful sounding tube mixed with a bit of hardware eq'ing would be a real delight!

    The Alpha Primes should eq well? I hear they're fairly neutral and well extended on either ends of the spectrum!
  12. Mr Trev
    It's always a bit of a lottery ordering things from China. Sometimes I've gotten things in a couple weeks, mostly it takes at least a month. I lucked out on the last batch of adapters I bought. The seller kindly upgraded shipping to e-packet and I had them in a little over a week.

    I saw you mentioned Mullards and Matsu… I was a little surprised you weren't thrilled with the Matsu****a. Aren't they supposed to use the same tooling as Mullards? I've been considering getting a 6dj8 version myself since they're a fair bit cheaper than the actual Mullard equivalent.

    I have a GE triple mica, square getter, etched glass 5670 myself. Haven't given it much time yet, initial impressions were it was rather bright and forward sounding, so I moved on (just got the amp and had many tubes to try)
    For the record, my fav tube so far is an EI Yugo 12au7 (with the necessary adapter). Supposedly they're made with Telefunken gear and have many similar qualities (don't have any Teles myself to compare with). What I really like is they way the tube can make my headphones disappear with the music seemingly materializing from the ether (they very same reason I prefer stand mounted 2 way speakers)
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  13. bcowen

    Yes, the Alpha's are pretty revealing of whatever you throw at them. I've been happy with them from first listen as they have nice extension in both directions, good dynamics, a sweet (but not syrupy) midrange, and while revealing, they don't shred your ears even with marginal sources. I'm terribly inexperienced in the headphone world, but I like the overall presentation of them well enough that I'm having more fun working on what feeds them rather than feeling a need to get on the headphone merry go round. Ive spent most of my life on that merry go round, just not with headphones. :gs1000smile:
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  14. bcowen
    The Matsu came across as rather bland and boring. It may just not partner well with the Alphas, or maybe I didn't give it a fair chance due to the right-brain dominating with "A 7.6 volt tube can't possibly sound good being fed only 6.3 volts." I'll give it another whirl at some point. Too many tubes sitting here waiting their turn. What a horrible problem to have. :blush:

    Interesting on the 12AU7. I guess the adapter sums the two 6.3 volt feeds? That's another tube I never would have thought about trying -- nice to know an adapter is available. I ran across a half-dozen Tele ECC82's while I was rummaging for 6DJ8's, which was right after I spied two boxes with E188CC printing. The ultimate 6922 variant, and pure unobtanium these days, so my heart almost stopped. Unfortunately, the tubes inside (while still pretty nice) are plain Jane Tele ECC88's. Oh well. Guess it's pretty bad to lay hands on a pair of awesome tubes and be disappointed. :blush:
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  15. Mr Trev
    I asked around about the adapter before hand, just to make sure it'll work. Apparently the difference between the 6dj8 and 12au7 is whether the heaters are wired in series or parallel. The adapter basically does the same thing the 6v/12v jumper on the various g1217 amps do. I was happy to find out that I'd still be able to use my 12au7 tubes - only have a couple from my Little Bear P1 days. I can also use the adapter as a socket extender for 6SN7 tubes so that's an extra bonus. A bit of a pain having to use 2 adapters but since I'd otherwise have to mod the case of the Vali to fit a 6sn7, I'll have to make do
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