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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. Faber65

    Correct. The picture of the tube and the adapter are in my previous post.
  2. r2muchstuff
  3. spsesq
    That is a huge tube!. Please explain what that tube does for the sound of the amplifier as opposed to the Telefunken 6922 I rolled or the stock tube Schiit supplies. Thanks
  4. r2muchstuff

    Well there is a socket saver and two adapters under the tube.
    Just installed the tube this morning, I will need more time to study/listen.  However, previously I was running a 6SN7GT Russian so it has been a while since I listened to any 6922s or equals in this amp.
    After further listening, I find that this tube sounded very good in the Vali 2 however, the SQ was not much different from many of the 6SN7 tubes in the Vali 2.  In fact, with the Grado 325e headphones I still prefer the 1961 6SN7 Russian sound.
    So I got curious about the Sylvania 6F8G and adapter in my DarkVoice 336 SE.  I think the 6F8G has found a home, at least for a while :)  I am driving Beyerdynamic T90 with this amp.
    If I had not purchased the used DarkVoice a couple of weeks back, the 6F8G would have stayed in the Vali 2 for a while and the T90s would have stayed with a 6SN7 adapted Lyr 1.
    For now the Vali 2 will stay as a 6SN7 amp.
    I have a couple more 6F8Gs on order to play with at a later date. I will see what happens then.
  5. spsesq
  6. DeeKay10
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  7. Faber65

    That huge tube is defective: there is no vacuum inside.
    Send it to me: I can fix it :grin:
  8. r2muchstuff
    No not defective, liquid cooled. It puts the "cool" in the Jazz.

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  9. manlevel220
    How does the EH 6922 gold pin compare to the EH 6CG7 in terms of sound? I have an HD650 and am looking for a warm, tubey sound. 
  10. IPA-60-IBU
    Currently listening through two 6S51N-V nuvistors.
    Nice. Vali2 seems to chew through everything triodish.
    For the octal lovers: 1759, incredible power:
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  11. Bacon Bits
    Holy crap. Just put in a Philips 7DJ8 and it is dead quiet. Compared to the stock tube which has an annoying buzz on my iems and sr80e this tube has no noise what so ever even on high gain. Initial sound impressions, with just 15 minutes of listening the resolution is definitely better. Now all I have to do is burn in. :)
  12. IPA-60-IBU
    This mini tube, 6n28b-v is without doubt the best one I've put in Vali2 so far. It is just great. I tried to connect 2 6s31b-r, however one of them was dead on arrival :frowning2: 18 mA/V
    Last edited: May 8, 2017
  13. pierpaolo452
    Hi guys, i'm new in the world of tube rolling, i have the vali 2, modi 2 and the fidelio x2, and i want to change the vali's tube, I would like a more open sound, a greater soundstage with more precision and a more airy highs (Yes i know Too many pretensions for a small budget)
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
  14. theque
    That looks like a fun project, I would not have chosen that particular bottle though...

    Have any details on that project?

  15. JustinDT
    Has anyone hooked up a Korg NuTube yet?
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