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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. winders
    I recently bought this really nice rare NOS Telefunken CCa E88CC (Made in Ulm, Germany in late 1960) tube listed here:
    The triodes match well and it is new old stock. I have not even installed
    I have decided to go a different direction in tubes so this tube needs to go. I want $162 plus shipping for it. PM me for more details or if you are interested in buying it.
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  2. DeeKay10
    Alright, I think I'm comfortable enough to give the Electro-Harmonics 6CG7 judgement, compared to the stock 6BZ7.
    All in all, this is a tube that gives the talked-about impression of "what tube amps are about". If music is a way to convey feelings, then with this tube I feel pretty cosy.
    I'd written my life story on the Vali 2, but then actually read it and decided to keep this short, so:
    Choose the EH 6CG7 for a sound: Warmer, smoother, more detailed on the lower end and overall more pleasant.
    Stick with the 6BZ7 for: A wider soundstage, balanced sound with detailed highs and overall realism.
    Like everything in life, each has its ups and downs. I'd love to find the tube incorporating both of these two's qualities into a single unit, but there's a whole bunch to choose from and the bastards cost money, some a lot.
    I might come back to this tube swapping business when I get bored, but for now, these are my impressions.
    Enjoy the bloody music. :D
  3. tafens
    Is there any difference between NOS 1960/70s Voskhod 6N1P tubes (with the rocket logo and also XI-7 and CCCP printed on them) compared to the later Svetlana 6N1P-EV variant? Sonic or otherwise?

    edit: tube description
  4. Steakface
    I'm unsure how the NOS Russian tubes compare to today's new production Russian tubes, but I know that Voshkod produced some nice sounding tubes in the 70's.  When it comes to the new production 6N1Ps, most are Voshkod re-brands (Sovtek, Svetlana).
  5. Artemiis
    Hi Guys, 

    New to tube amps here, can someone point me in the direction of a good tube to roll in if I want a more warm, bassy, smooth-liquidy, "tubey" sound? I have a Schiit stack already, both in Uber, but I just ordered a Vali 2 as an inexpensive trial to a tube sound. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! I am totally new to tube amps, let me know where you guys bought yours as well! Any info is appreciated! ♥
  6. KoshNaranek

    I would look at Electro Harmonix 6cg7, JJ E88CC Gold Pin and Gold lion. All available from tube depot.
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  7. TK16
    Mullard ECC88 Blackburns are a very warm tube, usually inexpensive too.
  8. Steakface
    I found the new production JJ E88CC to be quite warm and gooey, and it's cheap to boot.  If you want to get into vintage tubes, have a look at Mullards (mentioned above) or, my favorite, a 6DJ8 Amperex Orange Globe.  The globes are easier to come by, and if you find a good deal, you can get two for the price you'd pay for a Mullard.
  9. DeeKay10
    Electro-Harmonix 6CG7 - warm and smooth (and relatively cheap). Don't know what gooey is, this one just sounds more pleasant to me opposed to the neutral stock tube (which I would actually recommend over the 6CG7 on some occasions).
    Don't forget to match the triodes.
  10. Faber65

    I agree completely, the EH 6CG7 are a safe choice and, overall a nice all round tube. I like it very much especially for the evening relaxing listening.
    The price is in it's favor too.
    Still at low price, I would also consider the EH6922 or the GE5670 NOS with the adapter ( https://tubedepot.com/products?utf8=✓&keywords=5670 ).

  11. hagenhays
    I just picked up a eh6922 from tube depot. Relatively cheap. My first tube roll for my vali.

    Definitely takes the harsh digital glare off. I'm running a modi2U to it. Cds and Pandora definitely sound more lush, tube sounding.
  12. Bacon Bits
    Does anyone have a relatively inexpensive tube, $10 ish, for hd800s. Since I plan to get these phones really soon and am wondering if the stock tube is good enough or if I should upgrade.
  13. Faber65

  14. r2muchstuff

    An adapter will be needed for that tube.  It is however, a great recommendation.
  15. spsesq
    I just bought the Vali 2 based on reviews from this thread, YouTube reviews and emails with Schiit. Nick was helpful and when I explained my current setup and how I wanted the headphones to sound like my speakers, warmth and detailed I bought the Telefunken E88CC / 6922. Yeah, I spent more on the tube than I did for the Vali 2 but I love the sound through my Beyerdynamics Custom Studios. Especially with the bass venting I can fine tune the low end and the highs are crisp and detailed. No distortion in high hats or cymbals. I listen to everything from classical to rock and jazz. My headphones sound like the music through my speakers so it's a great match. My system:
    Rogue Audio Cronos Magnum ( KT120 version with rolled Mullard nos 12AU7 tube)
    KEF LS50 speakers
    Bluesound Vault
    ProJect Debut Carbon Esprit (Ortofon 2M Black)
    Vali 2 with rolled Telefunken E88CC / 6922
    Beyerdynamics Custom Studio headphones
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