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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. kolkoo
    Yep 100% legit Siemens CCa.
    P.S. You may try asking 6DJ8/6922/7308/7DJ8 (ECC88/PCC88/E88CC/E188CC) questions on the Lyr 2 tube rolling thread if you don't get answers here :)
  2. Steakface
    Looks legit to me.  For future reference, I found the "Danger Will Robinson!" section of Joe's Tube Lore to be very helpful when identifying Siemens and Amperex tubes.  I went over the points that applied to Siemens and aside from the etched numbers (that aren't shown in the images), everything checks out.
  3. winders

    That link is great. Thank you very much!!
  4. Steakface
    No problem!  The entire 6DJ8 section taught me a lot about the different vintage tubes and what to expect out of them.  Just need to remember that the guy really likes his Amperexes and you gotta take that into consideration when reading his thoughts on other brands.  I wish he would have included more Mullards and Telefunkens in the article, I haven't found a great resource for them just yet.
    I ended up getting an Amperex 6DJ8 Orange Globe based on his thoughts and I really like it in the Vali 2.  Its' tone is cleaner than all of my new production and NOS tubes and has a certain sweetness to it.
  5. winders

    Thanks. I understand that people have their own personal bias as to what sounds best to them. I am going to have to go through the process myself to see what tubes sound best to me with my speakers (Swan MK200MKIII) and what sound best to me with my headphones (Sennheiser HD 650). I am really hoping that the same tube does it for me with both! Of course, I know that it gets even more complicated in that I may like one tube for classical and another for classic rock and another for Jazz. Again, I hope I am lucky and it is all the same tube.
    I am assembling a strong cast of 8 tubes to try and see how it all shakes out. I am looking forward to the process. It should be long and enjoyable! I do need to figure out the test methodology. I am just glad I have the Vali 2 as buying 2 tube matched sets would have been a lot harder and much more expensive!!
  6. winders
    This topic is basically dead compared to the "Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers" thread. Should I just post stuff there about tube rolling 6DJ8 style tubes?
  7. DomieMic65

    Can't wait to get back home to start rolling!
  8. Faber65

    That's a very good start, and if I give you a piece of advice, I would rather running-in the Vali with the original tubes and get used to those first.
    In my opinion they are not so bad.
  9. DomieMic65
    thank you very much
    I used the Vali for about 2 weeks every day with the stock tube! Yes I agree that it is not bad! 
    But the enemy of the good is the best..
    Now I chose randomly and now I am using the 6CG7 .. I like what I am hearing but I will wait some time for it to settle down before I make any comparisons etc!
  10. Faber65

    I have the same tubes, and I think that the value for money is good.
    The point is that the listening is very subjective and it is difficult to define what is good and what is bad, unless the difference is abissal.
    I have so many tubes now that for me it is difficult to find a real bad one. All of those have a match depending on the original recording and the type of headphones that I use.
    But for the daily usage the EH are great.
  11. DeeKay10
    Got an Electro-Harmonix 6CG7 tube today. Oh it's warm-sounding alright, wish I had it from the beginning; I got used to the Hifiman HE400i's off-beat highs, but I grew over it so now it's kinda missing.
    Still, won't have a concensus after a few weeks with it.
    All this tube rolling is pretty cool, it's like an analogue equalizer. :D
    By the way, is it possible for the Vali 2 not to have enough power to run a tube? The cathode (?) on this one glows less than the 6BZ7. Not that I'm concerned about cosmetics, but I read stuff on Schiit's website on 60v and 100v and 200v, etc.
  12. kolkoo
    The Vali 2 is using 60V to drive its tubes. Which for most 6922/E88CC is below the operating voltage but they will still perform pretty great (and possibly live longer in the Vali2).
    However tube glow may be related to how strong a tube is, or just completely different in each tube.
  13. Steakface
    What kolkoo said.  Also, 6CG7 tubes will pull more heater current from the amp than 6BZ7, 6922, 6DJ8 etc. so they will run hotter.  It's in my experience that glow can be random - based on inconsistencies in the manufacturing process.  These inconsistencies may or may not affect sound quality as they can show up in tubes with matched sections.
  14. KoshNaranek

    The 60V you refer to is the plate voltage. The heater is 6V. The 6cg7 should last more than 10000 hours at 60V plate voltage unless the heater fails. Grid degradation is a function of plate voltage.
  15. Steakface
    Heater voltage on the 6CG7 is actually 6.3 volts.  Heater current, which is different and is measured in amperes, is roughly 0.6 (or 600 milliamps).  This is the maximum amperage the Vali 2 can support.
    Edit: Just re-read your comment, looks like you meant to quote kolkoo.
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