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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. YungFrieza

  2. Hofy
    I woke this guy up from his nearly 55 year slumber.  Even straight out of the box it is blowing away the Canada 6BZ7.
    Tung-Sol 6BK7B
  3. Niggi183
    What are good tubes for a hd 650?
  4. RickB
    Current production: 6CG7 EH
    NOS: Sylvania 6DJ8 "Green Hornet".
    Those are my preferences. 
  5. DomieMic65
    I have my Vali2 a few days now and I like it very very much ... would the EH 6922 Gold Pin be the obvious choice for my HD600 and Sines?
    I like the stock tube quite a lot but I wan to explore what this little think can do!
  6. Faber65

    IMHO, starting the exploration with the EH6922 gold pins, it's a wise and safe choice.
  7. DomieMic65
    Yes from the reading I' ve done so far this seems to be the case...
  8. DeeKay10
    Call me newbie, but just ordered an Electro-Harmonix 6CG7 tube after reading it's nice and warm, and then it hit me it says "pre-amplifier tube".
    Doesn't matter whether it's for an amp or a pre-amp, right? This is the model: https://www.tubedepot.com/products/electro-harmonix-6cg7-6fq7-eh-preamp-vacuum-tube
  9. RickB
    That's no problem. That tube works great in the Vali 2 (my personal experience). 
  10. DeeKay10
    Phew. Great. Super thanks!
  11. tafens

    The tubes that goes in the Vali2 are often found under the category "preamp tubes" (which makes sense, as the Vali2 has preamp out connectors - to be connected to a power amp or powered speakers - and cannot drive speakers directly).
  12. Hofy
    Everything that has been said about the 6SN7 in the Vali2 is true.  My adapter came in yesterday.  Dropped in one of Raytheon 6SN7GTB I have been storing for years.  
    volly likes this.
  13. volly
    Ohhh...I love that volume knob and I agree 6ns7 tubes are on another level!
    Hofy likes this.
  14. Hofy
    If anyone is interested I got the knob off ebay from gd-parts  Just search for 1PC 20*15mm Silver Machined Solid Aluminum Knob Guitar Amp Cabinet Effect Pedal.  Machined solid aluminum for $8.
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  15. winders
    I acquired a tube that is is described as follows:
    NOS Siemens Halske CCa (6922) (71-30) with grey plates made in the Siemens Munich Germany factory in the 60's. Here are two photos:
    Is this one of the desirable Siemens Halske CCa tubes?
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