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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. bcowen
    Man, thanks so much for all your time and effort working on this and sharing it with us all. I *still* haven't gotten around to the first steps (damnit) but certainly plan to as soon as time allows. But I wouldn't even have thought of attempting any of this without your guidance and detailed instruction. Greatly appreciated!
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  2. Keno18
    Thanks Bill, take your time. The software is not going anywhere. Frankly I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't fun. Plus I get to contribute to the community.
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  3. Mr Trev
    @bcowen: just remember, you gotta be smarter than the computer:wink:
    BTW, get a chance to listen to the ECC40s yet? Going to get adapters for the Vali2 too, or they just for the Lyr?
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  4. Mr Trev
    Any chance this will work with actual surround files? There's a site I check out (ambientblog.net) that offers up some mixes in DTS wav format. I've never had any luck trying to get them playing in virtual surround
  5. Keno18
    Not sure, all you can do is try. But I'd like to check that site out because there. Is one other foobar plugin called freesurround on the Hydrogen audio site that supposedly decodes a few codecs.
  6. Keno18
    Just checked the site out, no it won't decode them. It's a weird format meant to be burned to cd first. I've tried that before, doesn't decode.
  7. Keno18
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  8. Keno18
    Just made a width correction to the surround image. It was too wide for my taste. So all I had to do was slide the width correction slider in VI to the left about 1\4 the way, saved it to a new preset and fixed!
  9. Mr Trev
    Tried playing around with it today. Seemed a tad wonky, wouldn't always play all channels. With the stock plugin settings I couldn't tell much of a difference between the DTS wav and the standard 2 channel - as I mentioned before, I just don't think this virtual surround thing works well for me. I've been playing around with HeSuVi for close to a month now and can't really get any really satifactory results with it either.
    BTW, for kicks I tried playing a multi-channel SACD layer, only got the rear speakers

    I like tubes <now, that's how you keep a post on-topic:wink:>
  10. Keno18
    Odd, I've been using it all day (just what I need another genre) all you need for DTS is the DTS plugin and Isone_surround. I hate it when things don't work for people. There is an alternative to try. VLC mediaplayer with ac3filter installed works too. Ac3filter decodes ac3 and DTS. URL:http://www.ac3filter.net/wiki/Projects/ac3filter. All I did was install the two and vlc immediately decoded the DTS wav file. See if that works. It works for tubes too. If it doesn't work it merely means your machine is under some evil spell. Did you break any mirrors lately? If it does work there are things to try with the psuedo-surround.
  11. bcowen
    Probably never gonna happen, but thanks for the tip. :smile:

    Haven't had a chance yet. Too many new toys and not enough time. Arrgghh. I got a pair of Valvo labeled ones that look identical to the Philips French-made Dario/Miniwatt. Both tested near dead, so going after a refund on those. But got in a Tungsram on Saturday that has different internals than the Philips (tests great too). Not sire if Philips had a hand in these with different construction or if Tungsram actually had their own version?
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  12. Mr Trev
    Dammit Bill, what's more important than new tubes. I'm disappointed in you.
    From what I've been told… Philips owned Tungsram at one time, and the tubes were made in Hungary, not France.
    The Tungsram I have is noticeably shorter than the Philips and does have a quite different sound. More sparkly and lively, but the Philips' more laid back presentation was starting to grow on me (the Philips paired really well with my 58x)
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  13. Mr Trev
    It's not that it doesn't work. I'm pretty sure things are playing as intended (disabling VI seemed to help), it's just that my brain/ears don't want to do "virtual". Or maybe I just need to play around with the settings more.
    What are you using to listen (open/closed/iems)? Oddly, trying out HeSuVi with games, I find that iems give me a bigger change in sound than my open phones.
  14. Keno18
    I've used both my HD 6xx and an old pair of Sony MDR cd280s both are open back. Haven't tried iems yet.
  15. Keno18
    @Mr Trev I wonder if you are expecting too much. The image should float around you. That's the best way I can describe it Give it some listening time to get used to it. Your ears may pick up more information after a time.
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