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Vali 2 tube rolling

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by capt369, Jan 8, 2016.
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  1. Deyan
    So @bcowen I take it you are happy with the adapter.
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  2. bcowen
    You take it right. Very pleased with it. First-rate construction quality. Any future adapters I need that I can't (or don't want to) make for myself will come from you, assuming of course you're willing and able to make them. Thanks for a very nice product at a reasonable price!
  3. Deyan
    No worries. It's what I do.
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  4. Paladin79
    I may need to check those out myself since Bill likes them. Not that I normally listen to his advice mind you, but every now and then he manages to point to product that is half way reasonable. :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
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  5. bcowen
    It's that blind squirrel (or is it pig?) and acorn thing. :slight_smile:
  6. Deyan
    Well I have a couple of shells for them.....
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  7. Keno18
    More fun with foobar. I've put together a software package that synthesizes a 5.1 Surround image from a 2 channel source. This has been done before but in this case I use more professional vst2 plugins rather than ordinary foobar plugins. This has several benefits, most importantly better performance, actual documentation and the ability to run in a real vst2 host. Sound quality is of course different. The imaging is much more precise with instruments "nailed" in space. Width is ear to ear with reflections and ambience literally coming from behind your head. It's natural sounding, not forced or artificial. All aspects of the image are adjustable but I have used just the supplied presets which are more than sufficient to my ears. Of course it works with all headphones. All of the software is free but at this time is hard to find. If there is enough interest I will have to find a hosting site which frankly I haven't done before. Let me know what you think.
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  8. Mr Trev
    Heck, I'd give that a try even though I haven't had the best of luck with synth-surround so far.
    As far as hosting sites, I just use my Dropbox if I want to share something. If you have a Gmail account then you should already have Gdrive (or somehitng like that) account that should serve the same purpose
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  9. Keno18
    Thanks, I will check that out. The files aren't too big perhaps I can email them to you if you like.
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  10. Ripper2860
    Put me down as interested...
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  11. Keno18
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  12. Mr Trev
  13. Ripper2860
    I got it, as well. Thx!!!
  14. Keno18
    Yes, standard 32 bit VST2 plugins.
    Ok, I guess it's for me to post the rest of the information.
  15. Keno18
    Here goes:

    For foobar install the foo_vst plugin like any other plugin. This will allow foobar to load and handle vsts just like foobar plugins, but instead of adding them to Components, you add them to VST plug-ins just under Components.
    Create a separate directory (like vst plugins) to install the vsts to. "Classic Master Limiter" and "jb_isone_pro+surround" are just zip files that you just unzip and dump the .dll files into the vst plugin directory. "VI_Setup.exe" is
    an installer program. Just run it and point the 1st of 3 install locations to the vst plugin directory. The 2nd is for the presets and manual. Just make a note as to where they are. The 3rd is for a specific vst host and may be ignored and
    exited. The exit at this point is broken and will require several clicks to kill it.
    Back in foobar go to Preferences: VST plugins. Using the Add button navigate to the vst plugins directory you installed the .dll files in. It doesn't matter at this point what sequence you add them in. Just add "VI.dll", jb_isone_pro_surround.dll
    and "Classic Master Limiter.dll". Restart foobar and check that the .dll files you added appear in the vst plugins window. If you are not using foobar follow Musicbee's instructions.
    Again in foobar go to Preferences: DSP Manager Under the "Available DSPs window add the vst dsps in a specific order: "VI", then "JB Isone Pro Surround" and last "Classic Master Limiter". The .dlls must be loaded in that sequence.
    "VI" synths the 5.1 channels from 2. "JB Isone Pro Surround" converts the 5.1 signals to position coded stereo. "Classic Master Limiter" limits the output from the 1st two plugins that will produce over level signals. Follow this sequence for Musicbee as well.

    The stock settings are a good place to start. Read the accompanying documentation for tips on changing settings.

    OK, that's it. Please post any questions, I'll do my best to answer.
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