Vali 2 tube pass of 2017.
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Jul 1, 2005
This is the 2017 Vali 2 vacuum tube pass. This is your opportunity to try tube rolling with some vintage tubes. The rules are like many other equipment trials and passes. This is for conus only this time.

1. You must be an active member of the community for 60 days and have a minimum of 30 posts.

2 You must sign up in this thread and submit your address to me and not publicly so I can keep them private. I will not share them with anyone except the person that will mail the tubes to you.

3. You get the box for 7 days to sample all the tubes and the included adapters that are included in the box and on the 8th day the box needs to be in the mail on to the next tester with postage and insurance paid by each recipient going to the next. Example. I pay shipping and insurance to the first recipient. He/she pays heading to the next and so on till it eventually gets back to me.

4 Reviews are not necessary but I would love to hear what you guys experience. At least your thoughts and experiences are required. Something short. Reviews are welcome.

That's all. This is meant to be fun and for people that have not had a chance to try vintage tubes had any chance to tube roll at all. The tubes that are included are as follows.

6DJ8 Group / 6DJ8 PinOut
'59 Amperex Bugle Boy ECC88/6DJ8 'D' Getter GA2 Delta 9E
'67 Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8/ECC88 GAC Delta 7HI
'69 Siemens 6922/E88CC Silver Shield
'71 Reflektor 6N23P GS DPGP
'76 General Electric 6FQ7/6CG7 [600mA] HK 188-5

5670 Group / 5670 PinOut Adapter 5670/6DJ8
'88 GE JAN 5670W
'69 Western Electric 396A
'77 Reflector 6N3P-E

6SN7 Group / 6SN7 PinOut Adapter 6SN7/6DJ8
'57 Sylvania 6SN7GTB [600mA] 280 726
'58 FOTON 6N8S [600mA] XII-58

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Cant believe no takers.
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SEnd me a pm and i will get it boxed up and headed your way. You can keep it for 7 days then send it back to me.
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Sorry I'm pretty new to tube rolling and even tube amps in general. The Vali 2 and Modi 2 stack is my first amp/dac and I'm running them with some modded Grado SR 80s. I'm moving back to college on Monday so I wouldn't be able to dedicate hours over a week to specifically trying to pick out the differences between that many tubes. So my question is how much of a difference and how noticeable of a difference do the tubes make?

On another note could you suggest some of your cheap, favorite tubes for the Vali 2? Maybe that way I could try some and see if I can really notice a difference over a longer period.
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I just found that thread and I'm going to try to slowly work my way through it. From the first few pages it sounds like this tube rolling may be something I need to get into (also sounds like another rabbit hole to fall down).
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I will if you can give me till next month.
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Sorry for the delay I have some pressing issues to get situated before I get this underway. If you can give me a couple more weeks I can start this. There are a couple curve balls in my life this month with my living situation that need to be ironed out and should be resolved in a week or two. I have had this open since July and no one jumped on it. Now I just need a little time to get situated in life events and will get it back on track.
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I am considering getting a Vali 2, ( I will probably ordered one tonight against my better judgement), are you in any position to give this a try again? I see you don't have your vali or Modi multibit anymore.

I wanted to get a Tube hybrid companion with my Magni 3 & Modi Multibit for my Hd700's, what did you think of that combo?
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Sorry tubes are all gone. Gave them away with the vali 2.

Modi multibit and vali 2 were great for pretty much everything I put through it. I however was not a fan of the hd700, hd800, or hd850.
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