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Valhalla 2 + Matched Black Top 6CG7 Tubes, Original Packaging, Purchased This Month

Trader History (2)
  1. Àedhàn Cassiel
    For Sale or Trade
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    •   United States
    Best offer:
    Only selling because the Mjolnir 1 I got a great deal on for my Audeze headphones does excellent double duty for the HD800s IMO.

    I'll be looking to upgrade my DAC from the Modi 2, possibly an SMSL M8 or a Bimby or Gimby, possibly otherwise something balanced to match with the Mjolnir.

    Contains everything shown: Val2 amp, Original packaging and inserts, black top 6CG7s (these really did improve the bass detail on the HD800s for sure). No power cable though! The Mjolnir 1 came without one, so I'm using the Val2's for it.
  2. bluelabel
    Nice amp - I'm looking for one to pair with a set of HD650s. Are you interested in selling your Modi 2 as well? If so, is it the base model or the Uber or Multibit?
  3. torifile
    What kind of power cable does it need?
  4. SirIsaac

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