V700 gone... :( Assistance pls
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Better to look good than to sound good!
Jun 13, 2002
My GF has taken permanent posession of the MDR-V700. This was a non-negotiable deal

I'm therefore considering buying another one. Or rather, I played with the idea for a couple of minutes but thought why not look at other phones first?

After all, you guys out there are forever telling me that I can get something better for less, right?

So, here's the requirement:
- Sounds good (dance, metal, etc) and goes loud UNAMPED from a 5mw+5mw@16ohms unit (i.e. Maximum 40 ohm impedance, minimum 102db/mw)
- Full size headphone
- Folds
- Looks good
- Isolates well
- Built like a tank

Price: Immaterial but if you're right, they should cost less huh?

Anyone care to rise to the challenge? If not, I'll just buy another V700 and crow about it even more, just to spite you guys...

I already have the HDJ-1000, the main competitor to the V700. These don't sound as good.
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I think the V900 is the same as the MDR-7509. I have one and as far as I can tell, the MDR-7509 sounds exactly the same as the 700. I like them better than the 700 because they're more comfy. I dont think the very similar if not identical sound is an accident, the specs for the driver is exactly the same as well. Bit of a cheek for Sony to charge £180 for them in the UK if they really are the same. The "auto shut off system" is a joke, it just means that the headphones go back to a cups together position
. I dont know whether its just the one I bought but it creaks a lot more than the 700, so not entirely sure about long term durability. If you can live with their looks, going by your phone choices and title it looks like you might not be able to
I can recommend the Sennheiser HD25, they dont fold but are quite small. I like the 700 sound for using with my minidiscs and I like the 7509 so it may be up your creek. But you are paying £180 for what is a circumaural 700. If you decide to buy another 700 please buy mine. £75 and practically new, see For Sale section.
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I thought we'd told you over and over to get a V6.

Is somebody cheering over this latest turn in fate for Magicthyse?
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You might want to post a list of all the stuff you've already got.
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From his profile
[Grado RS-1, Sennheiser HD600 HD280 HD212, Sony MDR-V700DJ MDR-D66SL, Pioneer HDJ-1000, Technics RP-DJ1200A, Beyerdynamic DT250-80, DT231, Koss KSC-50. Previous: Float, MDR-G72, RP-FDA100, ATH-A9X, SR60, SR225, KSC35, etc ]

That's quite a collection. I've always wondered what an RS-1 sounds like. I also had the RP-FDA100 for about 3 days. Sucked! Fortunately the plug fell out soon after I got it and they had no spares to give me so I got a full refund
Why not the ATH-A9X? They would sound reasonably good from a limited amp, Oh yes folding maybe they're a bit big. It looks like you've already got some good phones there, the Technics for a start. Whats wrong with using them? If you asked me what else to get though personally I think you need to add the HD25 to your collection. Or the V700 but only if you are buying mine (can I plug them any more I think not)
And does your GF look as hot as the girl in your picture with the V700s
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Well, Magicthyse did try an ATH-A9X, but got rid of it as soon as he found it not to his liking.
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Oh yes I didn't see that you didnt have a V6. I heard Duncans (but only with Celine Dion, arrrrrggggh, sign of the cross, sorry Duncan
) and theyll probably sound different to any other phones you have. The MDR-7506 is bloody expensive in the UK, but I would probably like them better than the MDR-7509 (although I thought the V6 was less comfortable). So might you.
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Looks like the 7506's are up next then. I might get myself another V700 anyway though...
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Originally posted by bangraman
(although I thought the V6 was less comfortable)

Thats what Beyer DT250 pads are for
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Get the v700...this place wouldent be the same without them.
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Originally posted by linnem
Get the v700...this place wouldent be the same without them.

You're right, it would be better.

- Get the V6 and use the pads that sit on your DT250.
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I think you already know this but the V6 and 7506 are the same headphone except for the gold plated plug. I bought the 7506 back in 96 because it was the best sounding closed headphone I could find out of all the audio and musician stores I went to back then. I did not come across a single V6. Now V6 is available from online stores for ~$60 and 7506 cannot really be found for less than $95.

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