V-Shaped Bass Cannons with great sparklefart, no amp needed
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Aug 24, 2013
I currently use Sennheiser Amperiors (HD 25) for on the go, and before had V Moda M100s. I'm looking for something similar to those two in terms of reliability/durability, but with better sound quality. I'm willing to spend $400ish, but would rather stick around $300 USD if I can.

They must play loud and sound great without an amp, straight out of a smartphone. I want something that sounds along the lines of a TH-X00, but more portable and durable. V-Shaped, with great clarity, resolution, detail or whatever it's called. slightly recessed mids are fine by me, just as long as they aren't totally hollow.

I enjoyed the Audeze Sines, thought they were a significant upgrade in sound quality over the m100 and hd25, but I had multiple issues with mine (2 different pairs). They weren't as v-shaped as I like either. They had the detail I am expecting nowadays though, they were very clear sounding.

I thoroughly enjoyed the TH-X00 Purplehearts and lust after Fostex TH-900s. These are probably my favorite sound signature for listening to electronic and metal and anything aggressive and fast, with some slam. *I want this sound, in a more portable configuration*. These are not the most durable headphones for me. I'm a hack, closer to an ape or Bigfoot or something.

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