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V-moda Vibes for a cup of coffee :D

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by angelopsaro, Jan 1, 2012.
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  1. Angelopsaro
    Free to a Good Home
    Hello guys..
    I have them for a long time but sitting alone for again months. They had been used for some times and didnt care them much to be honest... BUT.. i cleaned them thoroughly with perioxide solution and the shined!!
    Its the improved quality version so be sure they will last.. no cable disconections no nothing! little shiny tanks..
    I got them from v-moda outlet on ebay.. i think a company member was the seller.. all accessories included.
    Faux leather pouch
    3 white pair of silicones
    3 black pair of silicones
    cable bone :D
    I became a traveller so i shouldnt leave them home for another a year.
    I only ask the shipping cost. I am not sure how much cause i dont have a scale. From experience it costs $3.5 for shipping and $1.5 for tracking. maybe less..
    But HURRY cause i sail off next thursday.. B)
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