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V-Moda vibe duo vs maximo im-590

  1. mtrzrv3
    I've finally decided between the vmoda vibe duos and the maximo im-590s. which one is the better of the two/are the maximos worth the price difference?
  2. mythless
    I am 100% sure the maximos will sound better and are worth the extra cash.
  3. dallasstar
    As great as the maximos may or may not sound, they are worthless, imo.  Both my cousin and I bought the maximos, and both of ours lost sound in one ear within a month.  My cousin even got his RMA'd, and the same thing happened to the second.  I just threw mine out and bought Westone 3's.  I'd have loved to return them, but I was just really busy at the time, unfortunately.
  4. mtrzrv3

    so you suggest going for the vmodas?

    could  you elaborate?
  5. mythless
    If you search the forums, the vmodas aren't highly praised while the im590 have decent reputation.  You could look at some other phones.
  6. dallasstar
    I have no experience with the vmodas... Just sharing my experience with the maximos.
  7. mtrzrv3


    oh okay cause i dont want to spend way too much (just looking for reliability kinda and good sound).. (under 50 would be awesome, 50-100 is fine if its really good..
  8. dallasstar
  9. ljokerl Contributor
    I've had the Maximos for well over a year now and haven't had an issue. Granted, I don't use them every day, but as one of my regular test benchmarks I don't exactly baby them either. Don't know about the Vibe Duo but they definitely sound better than the Vibe II that I had a while ago.
    But there's plenty of other great earphones in your price range if you don't want to risk the Maximos. Low-end westones are very overpriced to my ears but there's stuff like the Fischer Audio Eterna, ViSang R03, Hippo VB,  Soundmagic PL50, etc in the $50-100 range and lots of great in-ears in the <$50 range (Meelec M6, Brainwavz M2, ViSang R02, and so forth). It all depends on what you are after.
  10. mtrzrv3
    which one is more durable/reliable?
  11. ljokerl Contributor
    None of these models have been around long enough for us to know what happens to them in 2-3 years. If I had to pick one under $50 it would be the ViSang R02 simply because that design/housing has been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth and the twisted cable is tough a nails.

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