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V-Moda remix, or Klipsch S4i?

  1. tripleh3lix
    I have an apple giftcard with a 100 bucks on it. These seem to be the only good headphones in the store with the most positive reviews. I like bass, but not overly powerful. I want something with better overall balanced sound quality/bass/decent noise isolation and comfort. Which is the best to choose the V-Moda Remix, or the Klipsch S4i's?
    Update; Bought the Remix's sound great.
    Update 2; Anyone actually test these both and know what beats the other with overall sound quality and clarity?
  2. jjeremycai
    The Apple in-ears are actually not too shabby, tried my friend's today. Might be worth considering.
    For future reference and research, they're normally called ADDIEM's around here.
  3. tripleh3lix
    Haha I just got the v-moda remix's. Very solid, a little more bassy then normal but i'm already used to it. The bass isn't distorted at all, and sound actually pretty great. These definitely need to break in though I wonder how long it'll take.
  4. jjeremycai


    Well then, if you're happy with the sound, congrats on your purchase! Just wait until upgraditis get's you. [​IMG]

  5. tripleh3lix
    Oh I'm sure it will. Haha. When I actually have a stable job I plan on getting some 400 dollar headphones.
  6. jjeremycai
    When I get a job, I'll probably...still not get any 400 dollar headphones. 
  7. tripleh3lix
    Lol well we all have our choices. I already have a car, and money saved up for a house so I want a good pair of surround sound headphones for my entertainment center without waking everyone up lol.
  8. tripleh3lix
    *BUMP* because I don't want to make another thread, anyone actually test both and can compare and contrast between the two?

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