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V-Moda Octave Earbuds....$19.99

  1. Rebel12
    I found these ear buds at my local Sam's Club for $20. It looks like they are a cancelled item. It seems like this is a good price but I would like any input. Thanks!
    Here are a couple links to the earbuds
  2. idvsego
    easy answer, sams has a great return policy...buy them and let us know.
  3. Rebel12
    I have an update about these earbuds.The price was dropped down to $14.95 so I bought them. They sound as good as my $60 Sony earbuds, maybe a bit clearer and sharper. They also fit better and I like the style of them more. AND they come with an extra size earbud ring and a over the ear eabud holder. I LOVE THEM! The best $15 earbuds ever!
  4. jbp7hl
    I bought a set at 20$.
    Very comfortable, great seal. (diff shape but as comfy as my s4's)
    Great accessories. (carry bag, multi tips, jack splitter, over ear rings) 
    Sound is ok, it seems to me that they pick low end bass really well.  mid bass is just ok.  highs and mids are fine.
    I seem to always steer away from them, but when I put them in Im always pleasently surprised and wonder why I dont use them more. 
    Great for outdoor, throwdown iem's.

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