V Moda M80s Questions-Sound Isolation
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Oct 29, 2013
Hey all,
Im considering selling my monster inspirations I got for $220, and reinvesting them into something less name brandy, better SQ and comfort as theyre just not wide enough for my whole ear)
I would sell for $180, and reinvest. Im wondering if I just skip having the sound isolation around ears for now and settle for on ears. I hear the M80s have great SQ and right now theyre on for $150 from V moda, which means warranty and all. Also Ive been eyeing them for a while So the real question is compared to the Monster inspiration and other closed around ears, how do the Vmoda m80s compare in sound isolation and comfort and sound quality?
Id love any advice and recommendations about anything greatly appreciated
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First of all, man you don't have to create 2 threads in only four minutes to caught attention. My experience with the VModa M80 is really great. The sound quality and the excellent build quality on this headphone alone, cost more than $150. Take this opinion with a grain of salt because im a lover of the relaxed sound signature with somewhat elevated bass (not monster turbines elevated bass), excelent mids and SLIGHTLY recessed treble. in terms of comfort mmm is a on ear headphone, I can use the M80 about 2 hours, after that it becomes uncomfortable (However for a on ear headphone the comfort is better than average). In terms of isolation the design of the headphones is closed with a vented port, the isolation is good but not great, you could have some problems with the wind. Cheers
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My bad, it wasn't intended to get attention, I just had so many questions and am kinda scrambling to make a decision, and being new and all wasn't sure what constituted an overloaded thread, and how many different topics I could address in one without being all over the place, and not getting many responses. I should have payed attention more sorry.
Thanks for the input though,
Would you say that most on ears have a similar comfort level where you can only wear for a few hours? I would be spending a lot of time with these things on until I saved up for around ears, so im wondering I just sell my monster inspirations for a better more comfortable set of around ears, since on ears wouldn't be comfortable for extensive listening I intend? Is the discomfort of around ears incredibly better than on ears? I have no experience with on ears
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Ok i understand you. Excuse me if I sound a little harsh when I wrote that, but English is my second language and don't speak well this language. For me a lot of on ear headphones are uncomfortable after 2 hours and Im sure that other people have the same problem. However usually an on ear (a headphone designed to be on ear) is more comfortable than a headphone that pretends go over ear and stays on ear. If you look for maximum comfort I definitely recommend a over ear headphone (with large ear pads obviously). I think the beyerdynamic DT770 meets the requirements (it's a bassy headphone with bright treble, however have great Sound Quality). Do you consider go with IEM's (In Ear Monitor)?
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No problem, I completely understand where your coming from.
As for the dt770s, would I need an amp to power the 32ohm version? I only have an ipod touch 5th gen. and I would also be using my laptop. Would you say its better SQ than the monster inspirations? Would you say these are fun headphones? and how would they compare against AKG K550s or something similar?
ps. Ive taken physics and learnt about ohms, but not sure how they apply to headphones, so which version is ideal for ipod?
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I was also considering Sony MDR-1R, and PSb M4U1, ATM-H50s, PSB M4U1s, COPs, Fidelio L1, DT770s,  ATH-A900X just if you had any thoughts or anyone else does.

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