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V-MODA M-100 & VTF-100 Appreciation Thread: Images, Impressions, Reviews.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by brsxignition, Aug 16, 2012.
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  1. jonnio
    Hope that means you're so blown away you have a hard time writing and not that you're underwhelmed and waiting to hear back from Val.
  2. takato14
    I'm sure everyone is hoping for this :p
  3. eron
    I'm guessing it's because M-100 works well with some music, but not others. So AnakChan has to listen to more varieties to thoroughly review its strength and weaknesses. He wants to publish a full review, rather than a short one followed by an update.
  4. lightningsmerf
    So many new headphones!!!!! Not sure which one to get :frowning2:
  5. miceblue

    Yes, take your time AnakChan. I think many here would agree that a quality review that covers a lot is better than a short list of impressions.
    Another thing that's off topic though, I notice that you put ":-" at the end of your sentences sometimes. Is that supposed to mean something? I always see it as a half-complete smiley face ":)".
  6. daphen
    I'm getting kind of worried since AnakChan said the review would be out yesterday and now he's rambling about issues and stuff.. 
  7. jonnio
    I wouldn't worry, he probably got some of the other anticipated phones and is waiting til he can do a side by side in his review or something.
  8. DaBomb77766
    I hope he realizes I'm joking when I appear to be all pushy about wanting the review!  He can take as long as he wants, no worries!
  9. miceblue

    He didn't say anything about issues though.
  10. daphen
    I guess I just hear what.. I don't want to hear? Haha. Well. I wouldn't mind a tease. :wink:
  11. tds101
    I really hope they sound as good (great!!!) as they look. I can't wait for your sq review. Thanks for he excellent pics so far. :cool:
  12. TheKarakiri
    Looking very nice! Thanks for unboxing
  13. JayOTheFirst
    what camera and lense where you using ? and what do they sound like 
  14. takato14
    Can't wait to know what the sound's like.
    Also does anyone know what the price range is? V-MODA doesn't have any info on their site.
  15. Craigster75
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