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V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

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  1. Apo0th3karY
    Ooooh good selection. I wanna check out And You And I by Yes on M-100 when I get home.
    I'm 25 and love classic rock/progressive rock from the 70s so no worries about 'dating' yourself lol. Anyone should be able to appreciate classics like Yes and Supertramp. I might listen to mostly drum and bass, but that's because DJing has taken over my musical attention for the most part. ^_^
  2. Craigster75

    Speaking of Yes, try "Roundabout"
  3. Apo0th3karY
    And You And I passed my test. Admittedly I only have 128kbs AAC rips of all my classic rock, but this sounds pretty alright even straight from my laptop. I'm going to get some better lossy rips before I lay judgement, but I can say for certain classic rock does MUCH better than the modern rock I was listening to before on M-100s, imho
  4. clairyvic
    What about Godspeed you black emperor?
  5. Speakerphile
    Classic rock has a lot less bass, therefor the mids have some room to breathe.  I am pretty happy with classic rock on these.  Modern rock is hit or miss.  Then again, the term modern rock is a bit more broad.  EDM and hip/hop are, naturally, great as well.  
  6. valkolton Contributor
    I just wanted to chime in and say hi and Happy Holidays, the Christmas launch and sales along with the final development of VAMP VERZA really has kept us quite busy. I wanted to thank everybody and I am going to make a page on the site giving lots of credits for the ideas and assistance.
    Believe it or not, Vamp Verza is only weeks away from launch but I had to do a MAJOR ID change to the whole product and I re-sketched it all over as I wasn't feeling it.  Here was an early draft of my revision, then you will see final soon:
    I really cannot wait for you to see how the M-100 matches VAMP VERZA and your device, it'll be pretty special to unveil it as they have been developed side by side to be a perfect match.
    Haven't had time to read all the posts quite yet, but I saw some chatter about the mids. Mids are highly reflective of the "concha" and positioning of the headphone on the ear so it definitely is one of the areas that varies the most from user to user based on your ear/fit. It is also the reason I don't trust FR graphs for sound, especially as much in the mids. Try a few different positions of how you wear the headphones, even more front and back than normal and you may be able to pick up on some slight changes. As the cushions wear in better, the mids are one area that are significantly improved IMO because it'll start to angle more to work with your concha.  #EaroftheBeholder & the finer details of "the fit is the sound"
    We retooled the CoilPro to be even more reliable (it already beats our normal cables in all tests) and the BoomPro was reoptimized, we upgraded the mic IC and cut out some background noise from the early models we sent out to test for the first orders due to feedback.  We also had to shield the electronics in the switch/volume control to reduce interference. Time for me to test drive w a few games!
    Special Edition M-100s I'm developing for a few Artists
    Avicii: These M-100 parts are blue but it won't be for sale, sorry. But more details to come...
    Subliminal Gold Edition
    Erick Morillo
    And finally, I am preparing for CES show and my move to Milan.  This month will be quite interesting as I am living with three girls, two are Nervo (the songwriters/DJs).  
    CES M-100 Forum Meet
    If there are enough of you at CES I'll set something up for the forum users here to give a sneak peak of Vamp Verza w/M-100s.  I always love meeting more of the forum members in person, I learn something more every time and I'd love like to listen to YOUR music on your source for a bit.  
  7. Jzbass25
    Damn, I'm going to have to become a famous musician now so that I can get some custom vmodas hahah.
  8. musical-kage
    Hmm interesting. Just decided for the first time to connect my M-100s to my SGS with Voodoo Sound. Mids are still laid back but the overal sound is a lot more balanced!!!
    On another note, I've had a cold since I got the phones and my sinus's are playing up. It may explain why they've sounded better some days than others.
    I'm still tempted to buy the Momentums to compare though. I keep changing my mind. Scared of running out of the 60 day trial before my cold clears :frowning2:
  9. chuckle490
    Does anybody have a pic of the M-100 side by side with the LP? I can't seem to find one anywhere.
  10. TyTB
    Hey all,
    I've been browsing through this thread a bit, and what I've gathered so far is that the M-100s didnt really live up to their "perfect sound" expectation (oh, what a surprise, somethign that isn't absolutely perfect [​IMG]) What I've gathered is that the mids are a bit recessed (which to a newbie like myself, seems to imply that they're a bit muffled or dead) and that the bass is too strong, just like the LP's and other cans like the Beats by Dr. Dre. Basically, it seems that everyone is saying it's a basshead's headphone, as opposed to an audiophiles 'phone.
    Im wondering if this really IS the general consensus, and if there's any in-depth reviews or summary posts on this thread that I can find and read.
    Also, a major concern of mine is that on the LP's, my earlobes touched the mesh of the speakers, which would lead to them becoming hot and painful. If this happens with the M-100's, there's no chance il be able to wear them comfortably. Any thoughts on this?
    Thanks in advance, 
  11. Towwers
    Please tell us which smartphone is the Verza going to be for, I´m just waiting for that to buy myself a new iPHONE 5 or Galaxy s3! can´t wait!
  12. miceblue
    A bit recessed = laid-back, yes. Recessed usually means laid-back a lot, which means in the background, which is not the case for the M-100. Laid-back means the sounds are distant-sounding and is the opposite of forward.
    The bass is strong, yes, but it's well-defined and clear, unlike that of the Dre's, and doesn't completely kill the midrange, unlike that of the LP's from my experience.
    As for reviews, you can check out the ones here on Head-Fi, or Amazon has a bunch of reviews too.
    As for your ears touching the driver enclosure, it happens to me with the M-100. I own LP/LP2 earpads and I don't have that problem when on the M-100 on the other hand, so the M-100's stock earpads might be a problem for you. Stuffing the lips of the earpad with paper towel or wound dressing pieces seems to help with this problem a bit though.
  13. danny93
    I believe Val said that it would work on non apple products, and apple products...(he said something along the line that it sounded better out of the S3 than the iPhone 5)
    Either way get the S3, expandable memory and a replaceable battery are VERY useful if your using it for calls, games and music not to mention its a MUCH better device than the iPhone 5 especially if you root it!
  14. musical-kage
    Anyone experience pain on the top of the head? My ears are fine but the top where the band touches my head aches after a while.
    I should note, I wear these with only one click of the headband adjustment on each ear.
    My head is that small lol.
  15. dbdynsty25
    I'm not having any pain, and I have a normal sized head I think (7 1/4 hat) and I have it down one click on each side too.  These things are not made for people with small heads it appears.
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