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V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

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  1. daphen
    So you're saying the EU version of the 920 might have a better DAC then the US version? If so, I'll jump and scream of happiness. :)
  2. scrypt Contributor
    I really wish I were saying that, daphen.  Unfortunately, LTE networks are now being unveiled in Europe, and I believe that all iterations of the 920 use the S4 and not the Tegra. The determining factor is the network, not any other consideration.  The 920 is supposed to be the latest cutting-edge phone and it is surely as equipped for LTE as the most recent international iPhone.
    That's why I'm most interested in the next generation of LTE-ready chips. 
    Personally, I'd love to have the 920's screen and camera as well as a true digital audio out.  But we aren't going to know whether it can do that until it actually has a developers' community on forums like XDA. Windows 8 Mobile/Modern/Metro (etc.) -- as sculpted for this phone -- is an unknown quantity in that regard.  The delay in the 920 launch is partly because Microsoft is still finessing the software.
  3. daphen
    Ah well, I barrely use my phone as a mediaplayer anymore anyways, not right now at least, I'm always at my computer when I study. If you connect the FiiO E17 with the ipod cable to an old ipod video 60GB, will it work as a DAC?
  4. blotto5
    Windows Phone 7 has been around for almost 2 years now, I'd say it's proven itself, and that it would be a safe bet that Windows Phone 8 won't stray too far from the formula that makes WP7 a great phone OS. WP7 has a loyal developer following that will almost certainly make the leap to WP8. I'd say the limiting factor in audio options would be Microsoft and not the hardware manufacturers.
  5. miceblue
    No. Only through Line-Out-Dock to USB can the external device act as a DAC. The E17 (Line-Out-Dock to mini-jack) in your case acts as an amp only.
  6. miceblue
    OK, this thread is going off topic again. Let's try to keep unrelated DAC's/amps/phones out of this thread and post them in relevant threads instead.
  7. snarkie
    So is there anything I should be buying to pair with my iPhone 4 that will improve the sound quality when I use it with my M-100s (i.e., FiiO E11)? Or am I basically stuck with whatever sound quality I get when listening out of my iPhone 4? 
  8. TyTB
    Hey all,
    I'm so disappointed in myself for not having my design for the ear shields ready in time to order the VTF-100s. I think I was only a few days off too :l   Im just wondering, when I order the M-100s, what do I not get anymore? The faders, cork, and second pair of shields, I know I miss out on (god damnit...) but is there anything else that's different?
  9. jonnio

    Faders, shields, a cable, and boom mic.  The rest is the same
  10. miceblue

    If you're on a budget, external amps (such as FiiO's products) usually provide better sound-quality than the iPhone's standard headphone-out port if you use a Line-Out-Dock to mini-jack connector.

    If you can manage to spend $400+ for an external DAC/amp or DAC+amp, devices that use a Line-Out-Dock to USB connector (such as the Fostex HP-P1).

    Was the boom microphone officially confirmed? I know we were talking about it, Val released a photo via Twitter, and that was it. I don't think he ever said it would come with the VTF's.
    A second pair of shields (with an optional engraving), Faders VIP, and a package that you can "keep forever" were in fact confirmed by Val.
  11. largemouth bass
    As Curly alluded to, you have to be in a unique state of mind to appreciate the nuances of Merzbow.  For me, I like to prepare lasagna, clean my compound mitre saw, or bust sod while it's buzzing melody grinds it's way into the carbon essence of everything around it.  Regardless I wasn't looking for a musical debate.  Just wanted to hear AnakChan's impression of its range in relation with the M-100.  Needless to say I think Anak is overwhelmed by all the review requests at this point so I'll withdraw my request.  Besides we'll all be able to hear it for ourselves soon.  How freaking cool is that?  Seemed like this day would never come. Yet here we are!
  12. jonnio
    Val only said there was an "extra" treat over and above the things you mentioned that were confirmed and later posted a picture of the boom mic.  You're right though, I was making a little bit of an assumption that the two were linked.
  13. scrypt Contributor
    That's why the whole question as to whether the 920 will have a true digital audio out hinges on the software, which I thought I'd clearly said was my main concern. 
    Windows 8 for mobile devices is a different beast from Windows 7 and we're only looking at the cusp of what it's going to become in 2013.  Sony learned not to underestimate Microsoft with the introduction of the XBox.  Time will tell whether we're looking at a third-tier contender or another stealth lesson in humility.
    To others:
    Discussions of DACs used in/with smartphones are pertinent to the M100, which was certainly designed to work well with mobile devices.  Besides, isn't a bit of OT discussion preferable to hourly declarations of impatience?  Sometimes a distraction makes the time pass more quickly.
    To the person who mentioned Borderlands 2:  I thought the music in the trailer sounded familiar and then I saw the credits for the soundtrack:
    Borderlands 2 Soundtrack
  14. largemouth bass
    Is it really necessary to have another forum for the M-100?  So what if there are over 400 pages in here. DJSquared can update his post on the first page to let everone know the review section begins on such and such page.  There are already 9 pages of junk over there that will have to be sifted through anyhow. The forum name is misleading as well..."M-100 & VTF-100 Appreciation Thread"... What is a VTF?  There's no such thing.  It was just a promo code name to order the first production run.  Plus there's that completely pointless 'Poll' question at the top of every page using up valuable posting space. 
    The sheer volume of posts in here generates a buzz in itself to any newcomer.  For example: I would be more inclined to have a look into "Grannies Panties Boutique" if there are hundreds of crazed, incensed shoppers beating the doors down to get in rather than stroll into an empty Victoria's Secret.  I'd probably still go into Victoria's Secret but you get my point.
    This is where they were born and raised (kinda, sorta).  This is where all the speculation erupted and ideas were brought to life.  I'd like to see the reviews stay in here. 
  15. robble
    That is why Val and Jude mentioned before that they'd rather not divide the attention up between the two threads. Maybe a thread merger is in order?
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