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V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

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  1. daphen
    I'm sorry if I didn't ask you for permission first. All of the pictures in your review were just so brilliant. :) 
    I don't know the exact model of my desktop AMP but it's enough to drive my speakers and they're 4x6" and 2 22" bass'es. so it should suffice even though it's nothing fancy.
    I bought the E17 to use at school and with my phone, I hope it'll be good. Heard a lot of good about it. :) 
    I don't own a pair of beats myself but quite a few of my friends does, I hope they'll be blown away by the M100's, and that I will too. (They don't know better and they think it's fashion..)
  2. Quadpatch
    Thanks dude! No really its OK, I wasn't being sarcastic or anything, it was really nice to see you using it. If you were using it on a website and claiming it was you're own then I might be upset but an avatar is fine by me :).

    I like the E17, its especially good if you can use the amp only feature as well as the combined DAC but the USB will be where the full quality is. I hope you manage to turn some of the Beats crowd but don't be too offended if they don't like the M-100. No-one likes to think that they wasted their money and it can be difficult to love a different sound without living with it properly. That said, good luck! and please let us know how you got on.
  3. djsquared
    I've been pairing my M-80s with my iPhone 4S or Macbook Pro and FiiO E17. Sweet sound and smooth like butter. That's actually the first thing I thought when I paired the E-17: smooth. It's nice. I can't wait to put it together with the M-100.
  4. Craigster75
    Anyone have any thoughts regarding VTF-100 actually shipping this month, let alone this week, or will these be pushed back yet again to October?
    I really need good portable headphones and thought these were coming out in July after investing months and extensive time submitting a few hundred comments on this thread.  Now there are suddenly several potentially competitive options that may be out before the M-100 including Mad Dogs w/Dog Pads, Yamaha Pro 500, Sennheiser Momentum and Ultrasone Signature DJ (all expected by 10/1).  Also AKG Tiesto and Sony XB line is around the corner.
    I know Val said a few more days, yet V-Moda customer service emailed me yesterday that the VTF-100 preorders may not ship for a few weeks since they won't even have in their warehouse until then.  M-100 has been and still is at the top of my list, but they can't stay there if they don't ship.  Sorry to sound jaded, but there has been so much build up and let down with release dates, I am burned out.  Also, if I didn't have a gut feeling the M-100 is going to be fantastic and superior to most of the aforementioned upcoming headphone launches, I wouldn't be so frustrated right now.
  5. tjcheong
    iPod Classic + Fostex HP-P1 + V-Moda M-80. Cant wait to try out how the M-100 pairs with the HP-P1 [​IMG]
  6. BRSxIgnition
    I'm sure they will be shipped either Monday or Tuesday - at least, that's what I think.
  7. Tus-Chan
    This is like the worst time ever for Val to not be available.
  8. Hoobie
    I honestly think Monday is the best-case scenario. After all, Val is taking this final check up with the most meticulous manner :p  
  9. TyTB
    Hey guys,
    Im just wondering, are the VTF-100 Pre-orders all done? Ive been so swamped with work and school and I haven't been able to get my design finished [​IMG]  Im really hoping they're not.. but considering the link is dead.. 
  10. robble
    Yeah... a bit too late, sorry. The first runs are all shipped to LA for Val to test (with them *hopefully* shipping early this week)
  11. AltairDusk
    I think everyone needs to put some good music on and relax a little.  [​IMG]  
    They'll ship when they ship, Val opened up first run orders to us with no promised delivery date and extras to boot.  He's still got a lot to do and I doubt hounding him about dates is helping.
  12. DigitalFreak

    Well I'm more of a mobile guy so when I read the M-100 would benefit from amping I decided to order in a brand new DAP and I'm currently waiting on a Rocoo Studio V. I'll also be pairing my M-100 with my iPod 3rd generation Touch which will be mated with my Leckerton UHA-4 and my ALO RX MKII amp. By the end of the year I intend to buy a CLAS and adding it to my mobile rig and seeing if the M-100 and my other headphones will benefit from a better DAC.
    I'll be benchmarking the M-100 against it's little brother the M-80 as well as the DT1350, Sony XB700 and Sennheiser HD25-I-II Adidas. My Senn has been modded to remove the mid bass hump and the highs have also been slightly tamed and don't have that spiked overly harsh tinge anymore. I find the process of mixing and matching gear and trying to find the best synergy amongst different headphones a rather fun endeavor.
    Hold tight a little while longer fellow boppers. After all the waiting we're all about to be rewarded for our patience with what has the makings of a good sounding headphone. Just a few more short days and we'll all be celebrating while kicking back to our tunes
  13. darkfireblade25
    lol the only things I have for comparison and sound testing are the things that everybody else has.
  14. olegausany
    I'm getting my M-100 for use with Cowon A3 as my outside setup but out of curiosity I also will try them wit my home DragonFly/Asgard combo and compare to D7000 and HD650 if they wouldn't be sold by than.
    As I side note I finally got Mad Dogs with Dog Pads on Friday and straight out of the box they not my cup of a tea comparing to D600 but I will give them 100 hours of burn-in before making final decision plus I will take them outside to check how well they isolate in noisy NYC
  15. dilinator
    I would love to by a VAMP but I'm just about to get an iPhone 5.
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