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V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

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  1. Craigster75

    I won't be wasting my money on Momentum since they are using the, IMO, dated HD25 drivers inside (same as Amperior).  These sound okay, but they lack detail and sub bass.  Funny how Momentum is described as having an "industrial" design which is really out of the box for Sennheiser.  I have a theory (just a theory) that Sennheiser wanted to rush something to market to compete with the M-100 right before the M-100 launch.  The response to my theory has been that Sennheiser is so big, they don't pay attention to V-Moda....don't believe it. 
    There are several headphones in the $350 range that best the Amperior and Momentum uses the same driver.  I'm still anxiously waiting for my VTF-100.
  2. HadenVR
    which would you predict that weighs lighter between the two in terms of portable of everyday use and comfort , momentum or the m100s?
    so far sounds like the vtf-100/m100s is a better buy :D
  3. RPGWiZaRD
    It's a bit silly to talk about which is better buy before neither has been released, don't you think. :p Altough if this was a betting contest I'd still put my money on V-Moda this time.
  4. discretesound

    Same driver don't mean same sound, look at grado they uses same driver for most of their headphones and yet the sound differs. And look at the t50rp, same drivers but adding damping materials etc changes the sound drastically.
    I personally more keen on the momentum now because of their choice of material. Leather vs pleather in m100 which means the momentum earpads are more breathable = better comfort.
    The momentum also have a fully closed design which hopefully means great isolation with minimal leakage
  5. HadenVR
    xD, i've been dying to change my headphones and would love to hear how one of these headphones will sound like.
    i currently use/own the beats solo hd which i am not happy with but(obviously the two will be way better than beats solo hd), am okay atm using it though I prefer using my bose e2 earphones as i like the sound than on the beats solo hd but want MORE CLEARER SOUND AND BASSS >:D
    though i can only look forward that the m100s/vtf 100 and the Sennheiser Momentum will not leak as much like the beats hd solo.
    the leak on it is so terrible..
    anyways, i can't wait till i save enough money hehehe..
  6. Craigster75

    I agree in principle regarding drivers, but I heard this same comment when Amperior was compared to the HD25.  I A/B'd them and couldn't tell the difference.
    Since I will be using my next headphones during workouts, the pleather might be more practical for me, but the leather is a nice touch.
    I will audition the Momentum and give them a chance.  It's just that my expectations were higher before I knew the origin of the drivers.
  7. Craigster75
    On an unrelated note, does anyone have any thoughts on Skullcandy Mixmasters?
  8. dilinator
  9. Wleyraud
    [​IMG]  Finally made my pre-order!!!!! [​IMG] People who had to save up money as fast possible will understand this happiness [​IMG]
    Hope we all get our new cans as soon possible. I'm still using my Stanton DJ PRO 3000, not bad deal for it's price.
    Sounds pretty, I like the bass, but pretty uncomfortable for middle long sessions and really a headache maker for long sessions :/
    It's really fragile, almost all parts are plastic, came with a soft bag that gets dirty super easy.
    And as it comes with a 1/4 plug and my cell has a 2.5mm input, with the adapter the plug becomes almost my cell's size [​IMG]
    Anyways buying a new cellphone is the next up on my list, hopefully [​IMG]
    I wish everyone enjoy the pre-orders when having these in hands.
  10. scrypt Contributor
    No need to give a backhanded compliment to one company by trashing another.  
    Yes, that's been your opinion from the beginning, but that opinion seems based as much on preconceptions about "datedness" and modern sound as on facts.  The fact is that the HD-25 is used widely for reference purposes and that makes it more useful for me (for one) than the M-80 and, by extension, possibly the M-100.  Sound quality isn't fashion, so I'm not sure how "datedness" applies.  Most DJs spin vinyl and vinyl is a pre-digital medium.  Is it dated?
    Profiles can be incomplete, but if yours is up to date, it looks as though you've never owned a pair of V-Moda headphones.  Personally, I've owned two different models so far and I'm not as quick to condemn Sennheiser as you.  Of the various Sennheiser models I've owned over the years -- HD270, HD280 Pro, HD580 and HD600 -- only one proved to be disappointing and the rest ranged from good to excellent.  Of the two V-Modas I've owned so far, one was incredibly disappointing and the other (which I still own) is good.  Likewise, the HD-25s are a better fit sonically for my personal use (though not necessarily others') than the M-80.   
    Of course, this is only my opinion.
    If you're basing your idea of a good house sound on the history of each company -- Sennheiser vs. V-Moda -- then I'd have to say that Sennheiser has the better track record. 
    It's the extra aspects of the M-80 -- the craftsmanship, the case, the design, the extras, the customization aspect -- that make it a fun headphone to own in combination with its quite good but not stellar sound signature.  
    I appreciate the fact you didn't like the sound of your Amperiors enough to keep them. But why presume the Momentum is beneath everyone's interest just because you personally didn't like the Amperiors?  And why repeat the mantra that the HD-25s and the Amperiors lack detail?  Doing a quick search on Head-fi, I find that you seem to be one of the only people who feels that way.  |Joker| doesn't agree with you at all.  In fact, most evaluations I've read do not agree.  That doesn't mean you're wrong, but it also shows you're not necessarily right.
    Here's |Joker| on the HD25's level of detail (and he's an engineer who's heard a lot more headphones than either of us):
    In your favor, he does say this:
    You have every right to assert your feelings about what you perceive as a lack of detail, but why treat it as a fact, especially when so many variables are in play (amp, source, sound files, hearing, tastes, potentially misleading contrasts, personal definitions of detail)?  There's a reason most of us qualify our opinions as such:
    Personal taste is the wrong reason to talk someone else out of buying the headphones that will make them the happiest.
    In the interests of sincere enterprise, effort, integrity and Valiant intentions, I'd like to believe that the M-100s will lay waste to everything in their price range.  But historically, the most reliable company of the two in terms of sound is still Sennheiser -- not just twenty years ago, but two years ago as well.
    Go and listen to the HD580, 600 and 650 and HD800.  Then listen to the LP and M-80.  Then come back and tell us what a disappointing company Sennheiser is in comparison to V-Moda.  If V-Moda is the company we both think it is, then it doesn't need backhanded compliments.  It needs practical feedback and brutal honesty.  
    After all, without the reaction against the LPs, we might not have had the M-80s, which means we wouldn't be expecting the M-100s.
  11. roma101
    @miceblue, dabomb, and ucla, thanks for the responses. I'm sure those details will come to light once the M-100 is officially released. I'll wait till then, unless Val can solve the mystery for me :)
  12. TyTB
    I will admit that I'm a bit concerned as to the sound quality of these phones. Everyone seems to love the m-80s, but I can't tell if its the same kind of (excuse the term) fanboys who like a mix of looks/durability/sound, or if its true "audiophiles". As my father pointed out, it's always a bad idea to buy a pair of headphones without hearing them or trying them on. I honestly don't know what to do.
  13. EveTan
    I really wouldn't be worried because of the return policy V-Moda has. No one really knows how the final sound will be, but I guess if you're unsatisfied, you can always return it. 60 days should be plenty for burn in. All you would lose is time/possible shipping fees.
  14. TyTB
    Yeah.. it's those shipping fees that sting [​IMG]
  15. DaBomb77766
    I've seen a few reviews from the odd pretentious audiophile and they all seem to like them quite a bit. :p
    I think the main thing that turns people off is the lack of treble sparkle, which some feel muddies up the sound a bit.  Each to their own, I guess.
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