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V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless Discussion with Val Kolton + Impressions, Etc.

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  1. Emerald Core
    Can someone compare FMW with Senn HD-1, Beyerdynamic Byron BTA and KEF Motion One ?

    My impression on Senn and KEF area as follows:
    - Senn's HD-1 sounds decent, but not as loud
    - KEF Motion One sounds the loudest compared to Bose SoundSport, Senn HD-1, LG Tone Platinum

    The best sound quality to my ears and my phone Oneplus 5, is LG Tone Platinum. The sound with AptXHD is breathtaking. The second best is KEF Motion One due to its transparency and powerful amplification.
  2. cryosx
    I was looking to upgrade from my SBH80 and stumbled upon these, which looked very similar. Anyway, waiting for my forza metallos to arrive
  3. AudioDwebe
    Does it hurt the battery to charge before the juice runs out? Do they develope a memory so as not to allow a complete charge if I routinely fill up before empty?

    Picked up a pair a few weeks back and they have become my go-to iems ahead of many much costlier models. Great sound and uber comfortable.

  4. iamkornholio
    Good question...I'd like to know the answer to this as well.
  5. KT66
    Hi does anyone know where to get spare "sports fins" from ? preferably size small and in white?

    like this but in white

  6. showme99
    Email V-moda support. I'm sure they can help you out with that. When I asked about purchasing a replacement carabiner for my M-100 case, they sent me one for free.
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