V-MODA CROSSFADE WIRELESS: Exclusive Preview, Videos, Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.
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May 2, 2006
INTRODUCING:: CROSSFADE WIRELESS - the versatile wireless headphone the Head-Fi community (+everybody) can use every day for any situation.
“I feel it is the best sounding and most versatile Bluetooth headphone I’ve ever tried… You be the judge” -VK


To celebrate the crowdsourcing of the Crossfade M-100 on the forums, we are selling the VERY FIRST Crossfade Wireless units off the assembly line exclusively to the Head-Fi community.
The public will not know about Crossfade Wireless for ~2 weeks, these special units will ship ~3 weeks.
Until September 8th, with the purchase of a Crossfade Wireless, you will receive a voucher code by e-mail for $150 to be used on any 3D over-ear shield kit.  
This is exactly the cost of a pair of 3D Printed Steel over-ear shields, which you ABSOLUTELY have to feel and see to believe the future of personaliz3D technology…
It has a distinctive “damascus effect” that showcases the additive manufacturing technology.  However, you could also use this credit to upgrade to raw brass, raw bronze, 14k Gold-plated, precious metals or even buy multiple 3D Printed fiber shield kits to mix & match.
Exclusive Pre-sale Offer Now @ V-MODA.com/VTF-WIRELESS
PRICE $300 (Includes $150 3D Shield Voucher) 


Crossfade Wireless Features
•      Refined Crossfade M-100 Sound (Winner of 16+ Editors' Choice Awards)
•      50mm Dual-Diaphragm M-100 Drivers (patent pending)
•      Virtually identical sound in wired/wireless mode (no artificial EQ or processing)
•      No batteries required in wired analog mode (switch inside jack turns off all electronics instantly when plug inserted)
•      Up to 12 hours in wireless mode (unlimited in wired)
•      2 sources paired at the same time (smartphone + laptop, smartphone + smartwatch, etc.)
•      Tested running 1000km+ with smart watches (Apple + Android Wear)
•      Gunmetal Black, White Silver, Rouge, Phantom Chrome Colors
•      3D Shield/2D Laser Aluminum Shield Compatible (Same as LP, LP2, Crossfade M-100)
•      Compatible with XL Cushions, BoomPro, 3-Button Apple MFI SpeakEasy Cable, SharePlay Cable, 
What’s in the box?
•      Crossfade Wireless crafted by passion
•      Exoskeleton case
•      SpeakEasy™ Universal 1-Button Mic Cable
•      Elegant “V-MicroUSB” Cable
Stay tuned for Jude's Interview Video we filmed in Rome @ the Forums, AnakChan’s review including the sound. I’ll post more information up soon about the history of making this product and all the inside details.

Exclusive Pre-sale Offer Now @ V-MODA.com/VTF-WIRELESS
PRICE $300 (Includes $150 3D Shield Voucher) 
60-DAY TEST DRIVE GUARANTEE* (25% restocking fee if 3D shield offer redeemed)

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NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.
In the latest episode of Head-Fi TV, we travel to Rome with Jude and his travel companion V-MODA CEO and Founder, Val Kolton, for the announcement of V-MODA's latest headphone, the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless -- V-MODA's first Bluetooth headphone. Be sure to watch this episode and learn all of the details about the newest addition to V-MODA's Crossfade lineup.

Products mentioned in the video:

  1. V-MODA Crossfade Wireless over-ear Bluetooth headphone
  2. V-MODA XS on-ear headphone
  3. V-MODA M-80 on-ear headphone
  4. V-MODA M-100 over-ear headphone
  5. V-MODA LP2 over-ear headphone
  6. V-MODA LP over-ear headphone
  7. V-MODA Shield Kits
  8. V-MODA BoomPro microphone


V-MODA Crossfade Wireless - Head-Fi TV produced by Joseph Cwik and Jude Mansilla


We will occasionally post Q&A episodes of Head-Fi TV.  If you want to submit any questions (or comments), you can do so via email to tv@head-fi.org.

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Aug 15, 2011
Thanks to Val, I’ve had the opportunity to use the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless for the past month, almost everyday whilst commuting to the office and just around Tokyo. I couldn’t imagine myself enjoying a pair of wireless headphones but I’ve very quickly grown to a liking of these V-Moda Crossfade Wireless headphones.
The convenience of wireless, I believe, is well understood already…no dangly cables that can get caught on door handles, chair arm rests, or on satchel clips, etc. especially when on the move. But the convenience comes as a cost and for audio enthusiasts, it’s often sound quality.
V-Moda has spent quite an effort of to making the wireless sound the same as it is wired. In my comparisons I’ve found it to differentiate myself. In fact I’ve not been able to. Bear in mind that when the wireless is used wired, the internal DSP is disabled and it’s the external DAP/DAC/Amp driving the headphones.
Comparing the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless against my trusty old M-100, I feel the the wireless has an overall has a greater sense of clarity. There’s also a slightly more sparkle & air to the trebles however without sounding digital. The mids do sound a little thinner than the M-100 but not by much. The V-Moda signature bass is still unmistakable. The headphones still rumble however it does feel somewhat more tighter whilst my M-100 has a “woolier” bass by comparison. Overall tonal signature feels euphonic - you know you’re listening to a headphone belonging to the V-Moda family.
The soundstage is very similar to the M-100 but the M-100 does seem to have a slightly greater depth imaging. The beauty of the overall sound signature of  the Wireless is that it sounds very natural and euphonic and to me indistinguishable from it being wired. And it retains the V-Moda house sound.
I’ve really been enjoying the wireless since I feel I’m not really sacrificing any of the V-Moda SQ I’m familiar with but benefit from the freedom of wireless. It has been extremely convenient when I’m on the move taking public transport, or just walking around Tokyo.
Even my wife loves the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless and has recently taken ownership of it from me! Aside from using it outside on her grocery runs, etc. she finds it convenient when she’s doing household chores but as important sound quality isn’t sacrificed and in her own words, “Great sound quality”.
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Oct 6, 2013
Great news Val!
Should we assume BT4.1 (standard latency, not the latest low latency) with apt-X codec support?
Will be curious to test and to compare to the latest Momentum 2 wireless, P5 Wireless, and Stance S1+
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Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 23, 2011
I still do not like the idea of going wireless. I think the world today is still lagging behind in battery innovation. I hate having to charge my device every night.

10000000% agreed. Charging sucks. Plus you have to have 2-3x "sausage" sound processing in the middle that messes up already messed up mastering/compression.

I am anti-wireless TODAY and I am ANALOG and VINTAGE 'til I die forever... I have made all our headphones in wireless versions today that are in a drawer, but they are all useless over "time" in 9+ years. BUT - My dad told me he had wireless speakers in the 60s he said in his living room, did that stick around? Wireless BT headsets? Do you see them as much today? How many people do you see with wireless Beats or Motorola in the wild in the gym over a 6 month period? Nearly ZERO.

I MAY believe in wireless some day in the future in about 2-5 years - of course every company on the planet has sent me proposals...BUT charging and sound is sub-par no matter what the marketing says. And the 3X "Sausage effect" too??? Who wants to deplete battery, charge yet another device AND have 3x worse sound than most people's crap sources?

A simple and cool cable is way less hassle to IMPROVE SOUND than wireless obstacles - it can be both a unique statement and improve the sound. I have prototype cables that improve M-100, it is insane "what a wire can do if you are true"...

Remember, any ANC or Wireless headphones process from digital to analog >=3 times! #strongasweakestlink

I believe in this so much that I spent more $ developing VAMP VERZA/METALLO than our headphones for no reason but to prove a point. I make VAMPS not for money, but because I TRULY want the best sound and I own the company.. All I care about is "quality customer earnings" vs VC or "quarterly earnings". There IS no timeline for perfect products, our products become timeless and quality is all that I care about..

VAMP VERZA goes the opposite route of Bose/ANC/BT/Wireless and is Made in Japan... I want to VERTICALLY CONTROL THE DAC TO OPAMP TO HEADPHONE. THIS IS THE BEST SOUND. PERIOD.

It is the only way, besides the mastering and production to have the best experience in the world....

True to the source with minimal DAC conversions + "Master" Mastering music = holy grail of sound. All other routes are fugazi IMO.

Again, sorry about fast typing but I am finishing XS and more products right now, you'll see it in a few weeks... It is not an over ear or an amp, but every V-MODA product has the same care and love by all.

Thanks everyone for understanding the quick rant :>

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May 2, 2006

I was prepared for that ;>
Friends, forums, countrymen, modern audiophiles… lend me your ears. Finally, you can cut loose from cables OR go analog with your beloved AMP/DAC in the same headphone.
I eat my words now, here is why… I used to say I would never make wireless headphones. Steve Guttenberg (Audiophiliac from CNET) and I used to share the same nightmares - that people are buying and listening to over-processed headphones that they will just throw in their junk drawer eventually when they switch back to wired.  Extra DAC + processing + artificial EQ is the arch-nemesis of the V-MODA analog blood.
Would I use it every day over wired?
We would not release a wireless headphone until they weren’t just a NOVELTY but more USEFUL in our M-class team's every day listening. I refused to release a product until I would use it everyday and never look back. You see, I have experimented and made Bluetooth headphone prototypes for almost 10 years and I always went back to wired for some reason or another. My old desk is full of old V-MODA Bluetooth products that never made the cut (pun intended). 
I would not release a Bluetooth headphone until I preferred it over my beloved wired Crossfade M-100 in my daily life as a globetrotting businessman, modern audiophile, producer and as a DJ at heart.  
To release and love a Bluetooth headphone and vanquish my “anti-bluetooth” snobbery I had to achieve the following milestones…  
  1. Refined Crossfade M-100 sound, winner of 16+ Editors’ Choice awards both in wireless and analog wired mode 
  2. Virtually identical sound both wired and wireless  (without batteries) via analog tuning of airflow mechanics and ergonomics
  3. L/R Balanced sound in wired analog mode due to the fact the air flow mechanics and volume varies as one side has a battery and the has the electronics
  4. Keep the durability and quality that has made the Crossfade series a workhorse of the pro industry
  5. Keep the metal while not losing reception (people originally said I’d have to ditch the steel frame, arms and metal shields on wireless headphones) 
  6. Not have to charge yet another device (many BT headphones require a battery EVEN in wired mode)
  7. Trust the EQ in the Bluetooth mode is not over-processing and unnaturally altering the sound curve (more on that later)
  8. Keep the same shape, size and minimalism of Crossfade
  9. Real buttons for tactile feedback
  10. Friendly MMI (man machine interface) and easy pairing switch
  11. Strong enough battery life while keeping the 50mm Dual-Diaphragm drivers with a size increase 
  12. Smartwatch Bluetooth audio compatible  - I ran 1000+ km with smartwatches – Apple in all materials except gold, and Android wear watches (Asus Zenwatch, Moto 360, LG)  
  13. Compatible with 3D metal shields in various alloys to minimize reception loss (tested up to platinum!)
  14. Compatible with most of the V-MODA accessory ecosystem (including XL cushions, BoomPro, 3-Button Apple SpeakEasy Cable, etc.)
I spent months at the factory the last few years tweaking every small little detail to overcome the above mentioned obstacles and many more. I even started to learn how to program the ADK (audio development kit) software that programs the flash ROM of the CSR chipset when I got upset at how slow it was coming along (I started out as a C+, C# programmer after all).
I promise, this is the wireless headphone that modern audiophiles like me can trust to replace your wired headphones for every day use.  And you can use it wired, as I often do…
Smartwatch Revelation - Mo, Lo Tech!
In fact, we found that cutting the cable even resulted in using the Crossfade wireless in more use cases than in-ears or normal.  Running with a Smart Watch is my #1 use, traveling, working out (ellipticals <> friends to cables), snowboarding, to name a few.  The Crossfade series was originally made for rigorous travel and abuse by pros, so it can easily be your workout companion just as easily and we back up our quality with the 50% off immortal life program.
When you walk or run outside, wearing 3D Printed, custom, wireless headphones and a smartwatch, you’ll feel like you are in the future. You can finally listen to music without notifications or the temptations to take a picture. You can go to the gym, run, or take a stroll and feel free… While basking in the glory of knowing you are living in the future that is now. 
Try it… the freedom from technology and notifications is ironically one of the reasons that we ultimately spent the effort to release this product.
Now here it is... and must confess, I use it every day now and in more places than ever.

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100+ Head-Fier
Jun 12, 2013
IMO get one of these to Tyll for measurement & review ASAP. Given the sonic differences across the V-Moda product line between the M-80/XS, LP and M-100, measurements and explication would be valuable for helping potential buyers know the general flavor of the headphone ahead of a purchase. 
An improved M-100 with V-Moda's signature comfort, build quality & fit combined with wireless convenience would make them a no-brainer day-to-day use purchase for quite a few people. 
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May 2, 2006
You're staying current with the times Val, what every good business does... I'm sure you would never let them out if they were anything but great

Exactly, besides our customers were demanding it! I think we have made the best yet, especially AND at a lower price than most so that you can add accessories or upgrade later.
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Headphoneus Supremus
Nov 19, 2010
Hats off again Val. I'm so excited as I've been flirting with the idea of getting a wireless headphone for a while now (there is a certain freedom to no wires but I've been wary of some of the options out there -- either SQ suffers, or too expensive, or has technical problems or all three). A more refined, wireless M-100 is no-brainer indeed and I know how great V-MODA is with the testing of their products so no doubt these are built to last. It's awesome that you are keeping the same price-point as the M-100 too. Can't wait hear them.

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