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V-MODA CROSSFADE M-80 AUDIO VOYAGE – Reviewers wanted!

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  1. chafingbuttocks
    Well I figure after Hakai's second post up there, I might as well put in with my few posts. Although my post count isn't huge, I do spend a fair amount of time here reading.
    1. Easy listening
    2. 90's pop
    3. Stuff with a beat / Dance
    Currently own Sennheiser HD600s, Beyerdynamic DT1350 and JHA16 customs for reference and a stepdance amplifier (it's not much, but it's all i got!)
    Location Melbourne, Australia
  2. Windyridge4
    Dubstep - mix between chill stuff like Mt eden and harder stuff like benga or skrillex
    Rock - metallica, MCR, green day, floyd etc
    Hardhouse - like hardcore, gabber, hardstyle and jumpstyle :)
    from Dublin, Ireland
  3. dgcrane
    Darren C
    Ottawa, Canada
  4. zhunter
    1. Rock from Power Metal (Manowar, Metallica, Scorpion...), Symphony metal (Nightwish, Within Temptation), to Black (Cradle of Filth), and Melodic Death Metal (Children of Bodom, Kalmah, Dark Tranquility...)
    2. Trance & Progressive (Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Above&Beyond,Ally&Filla,...) as well as vocal trance.
    3. Classic pop (Il Divo, Celine Dion....)
    Currently using LCD2 with Schiit Lyr, Westone UM3X, W4 with Sflo2.
    Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia.
  5. LizardKing1
    Very much interested!
    1  - Electronica (Dubstep, DnB)
    2 - Jazz
    3 - Indie/alternative rock
    My humble abode rests in Lisbon, Portugal.
    Also, from the pic you last added it gives the impression that the cable is detachable, is that true?
  6. andreyoniar
    1. HIP HOP
    2. Trance
    3. POP
    Location : Guangdong China
  7. Butler
    Top Three Genres:
    Old School Punk

    Set up is in my signature.

    I saw a lot of these kind of cans when I took a trip to NYC, and wanted to give them a shot.
    I'm from central Maine, a graduate student at UMaine.
  8. Graphicism Contributor
    1. Electronic
    2. Folk
    3. Classical
    Florida, USA
  9. Zida
    Rock (ranging from 60's to modern, but typically not the popular modern rock that gets overcompressed) -> metal, indie, jam, prog, punk...
    Electronic (Aphex Twin Radiohead Burial Portishead Massive Attack...)

    I own ATH-M50 ATH-ANC7 Grado SR80 Beyer DT990 Sennheiser HD-650 Denon D5000 Hifiman HE-6
    Monster Turbine Copper Sennheiser IE7 Atrio M5 Shure SE215
    I have experience with Beyer DT880 Shure E4c (SCL4) AKG K701 and more
    Toronto, Canada

  10. ajreynol
    Interested, as I've also spent good time with the Crossfade's.
    1. Hip-Hop / Rap
    2. Alternative
    3. Gospel
    Florida, USA & Ohio, USA.
    See sig for equipment owned past/present.
  11. DJGeorgeT
    1. Drum and Bass
    2. Psy Trance
    3. Dubstep
    Chicago, IL
  12. bennyhaha812
    I'm down.
    1) Indie (rock, alternative, etc)
    2) Hip-Hop (Jazz fusion)
    3) Orchestra classical
    These being the most listened to, but I listen to almost everything up here in the Pioneer Valley, Western MA.
  13. jfunk
    Vocal House,
    Cheltenham UK
  14. milosolo
    • All Rock
    • Jazz
    • Electronica
    • Western WA, USA
  15. cue003
    Hip hop/r&b

    Location: S. Florida

    I spend several hours on trans Atlantic flights every other weeks and will be on many trains/taxi etc to give these a solid on the move test from a portability perspective.
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