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V-MODA CROSSFADE M-80 AUDIO VOYAGE – Reviewers wanted!

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  1. Louis8ball
    Folk Rock from 1962 - Present (Bob Dylan)
    Christian Alternative Rock (Switchfoot, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet)
    Classic Rock from '60's, '70's, and '80's (Moody Blues, Paul McCartney, CCR, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Cars, Journey, Springsteen, Tom Petty, Billy Squier, Cougar/Mellencamp, etc.)
    NW GA USA (about half-way between Atlanta and Chattanooga (but just slightly closer to TN)) [​IMG]
  2. Jouber
    1. Classical
    2. Pop
    3. Hip-Hop
    TX, USA
  3. francisdemarte
    1. Alt. and Indie Rock
    2. Vocal Jazz
    3. Classical 
    Chicago, IL. USA
  4. Randall DZM
    Mainly listening to:
    1. Progressive Rock/Industrial Rock (The Seldom Seen kid (Elbow), Permanent Waves (Rush), The Downward Spiral (NIN), The Fragile (NIN))
    2. Classical Music (Mainly listen to stuff by Chopin and Mendelssohn)
    3. Movie Soundtracks (Pearl Harbor, Inception, Finding Neverland, Soul Surfer, etc)

    Salt Lake City, Utah
  5. WhiteCrow
    I'm in.
    3)Heavy Metal
  6. Swatcsi
    I'll give this a shot :)
    1) Electronic
    2) Dance
    3) Classical
    Markham, Ontario, Canada
  7. Sylafari
    Los Angeles, California
  8. Lucasthevest
    Alternative (Anberlin, Coldplay, Dashboard Confessional, Jack's Mannequin, Linkin Park (Newer Albums))
    Electronic (Mainly dub-step, Pendulum, deadmau5 and a lot of other independent artists)
    Hard Rock (Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Older Linkin Park albums.)
    Old Bridge, NJ USA
  9. lazuline
    Los Angeles, California
    1. Indie Rock/Pop
    2. J-Pop
    3.  Top 40s Rock
    I wasn't all that pleased with the Crossfade LP at it's MSRP. Interested to see if you've improved this latest offering. The styling is interesting though, but that doesn't count for as much at an Apple Store as at does here on head-fi.
  10. myaa02
    1. Hip Hop/Rap
    2. Indie pop/rock
    3. dubstep/dance
    Toronto, Canada 
  11. MarwiE
    I'm Interested
    1.   Pop
    2.   Rock
    3.   Punk
    London, UK
  12. Maneak
    1. Blues
    2. Jazz
    3. Hip-Hop/Rap
    Norman, OK USA
    Boomer Sooner
  13. JoonBug

    1. Folk

    2. Classical

    3. Rock

    I'd love to contribute to the wealth of knowledge here. I work at a headphone shop and know the sounds of many cans well. I can't wait to do a massive comparison.

    Location: W. Lafayette, IN

  14. superfishy8
    1. Techno
    2. Jazz
    3. Alternative
    Exeter, NH
  15. Maxtcc
    I'm up to it:
    1: Classic Rock
    2: Alternative Rock
    3: Electronica
    My location is Edmonton Alberta.
    It would be fun to consider these cans and compare them with My others.
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