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V-MODA CROSSFADE M-80 AUDIO VOYAGE – Reviewers wanted!

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  1. DrHouse
    London, England
    Hip Hop/Rap
    Look forward to comparing with your crossfade lp which i have a good opinion of.
  2. AirX
    Electronic/Trance (Daft Punk)
    Male Vocals (Il Divo)
    Classical (Gaming Soundtracks - Crisis Core)
    Taipei, Taiwan
    P.S. My current headphones are personally modified Fostex T50rps.
  3. ubitwarr
    I listen to:
    1. Rock (classical to hardcore)
    2. Hip-Hop
    3. Acoustic/Folk
    I am located in Louisville, KY, USA.
  4. project86 Contributor
    I listen to all types of music, so it's hard to pick just three. But here goes:
    1) Rock (being deliberately vague so it can include different types, from metal to classic rock to emo to grunge and more)
    2) Jazz (again, deliberately vague, ranging from Chet Baker, Thelonius Monk, McCoy Tyner, Ernie Watts, Hiromi, Jacintha, etc)
    3) Electronic (is that even considered a type of music? I'm using it to represent diverse acts like Kraftwerk, FC Kahuna, Chase & Status, BT, Electronic Noise Controller, Crystal Castles, Mark Hule, Pendulum, etc)
    I'm in the Bay Area, California, and I've got a bit of experience reviewing gear.
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    1. Indie
    2. Alternative
    3. Smooth jazz
    Location: Malaysia
  6. DrTibo
    Düsseldorf, Germany
    - Female vocal (Björk, PJ Harvey, Emilie Simon, Emiliana Torini, Portishead, Camille, Nouvelle Vague ...)
    - Electronic (well I guess that some of the above artists qualify as electrponic artists, but on top of that I would say Sebastien Tellier, Vitalic, Pink Floyd (yes, we can say they invented electro :wink:)) )
    - Piano (mostly Jazz and artist such as Martial Solal, but also classical such with artists such as Glenn Gould, or composer such as Chopin ... well I know that's not really original but no one can deny that they are great! :wink:) )
    So much more I'd like to add, but well it's limited to 3 ...
  7. faideelah
    1. R&B
    2. Hip Hop/Rap
    3. Classical
    San Diego, CA
  8. SilentSound
    Count me in as well
    I have access to most of the latest greatest Smart-phones (apart from home rig) so could give this a spin on most of them.
    - Jazz
    - Classical
    - Carnatic
    - Minimal music
    Location : Germany
  9. Xymordos
    1. Power Metal
    2. JPop
    3. Western Pop / Rock
    Hong Kong, China
  10. iLovPieNCake
    1. Oldies(60s,70s,80s & 90s)
    2. Electronic
    3. Rock/Indie
    Chicago, IL
  11. dvd101e
    Bathmen, The Netherlands
  12. diodiel
    Lets do this!
    2.modern Rock/ old school rock
    3. Pop Hits
    Ive had tried or owned a couple of older v-moda models like the crossfades lp, vibe had 3 "still have them!", v moda sport.
    i really liked their quality/price esp their designs!
    im from chicago, IL :)
  13. ZetsuBozu0012
    1.) Techno/Pop
    2.) Classical Music
    3.) Alternative & Progressive Rock
    Location: Pasig, Philippines
  14. megazeux
    Otis, OR
  15. WoahReQQuiem
    1. Jazz
    2. Pop 
    3. Rock (and its subgenres)

    Location : Dubai, UAE
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