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V-moda Crossfade LP2 vs Beyerdynamic COP

  1. drxmx
    Hi all, new here with a headphone indecision

    What i want:
    - Good Bass
    - Good mid and high details

    What i listen:
    - Gaming: FPS, Action/Adventure, Racing
    - Movies
    - Music: From Classic Rock, Rock, Metal, Electro, Punk.. As The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Rammstein, Mastodon, Ghost, Metallica, Slipknot, Prodigy, KMFDM, Die Antwoord, Chainsmockers, Martin Garrix, etc

    I have been searching for a new headphones for a while, and by far these two (V-moda Crossfade LP2 and Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro) are the most closer to what i want, but now I'm struggling to choose between them. I'd already read reviews and comments (even in this forum) with good opinions for both.

    My concern is that I'd found some people saying COP broke or failed in short time (2-3 people from 50-70 good comments), don't know if COP are not worthy and/or clumsy, or is just people really bad luck. More people tell LP2 are Bassy while others says it didn't have so much Bass against COP.. So which comments should I take?

    I'd previously owned some Turtlebeach and Logitech headsets (i know) but want to change to something better within my budget. Price from both are almost the same at Amazon (for my country MX)

    My brother told me that if i have some headsets that sounds good for 50 dls.. 150 dls Headphones should sound the same or a little better at least for sure.. It sounds logical, but i want to take the better choice.

    Which one is better for the music i listen and gaming? I like to feel the Bass but want to hear the mid and high details that make songs sound great. If you could tell me which songs or bands sounds better with each one would be better. Sadly I didn't have the chance to test the headphones at some store in my country =/
  2. serman005
    What is your budget for these headphones?
  3. drxmx
    150 dls max, but more important is that i don't have access to many headphones I see online, unless Fostex t50rp or Audio Technica ATH-m40x.. All are in my budget limit and V-moda have currently the lowest price from all.
  4. serman005
    If you are looking for a bass-emphasized headphone in that price range, I would probably go for the VMODA. I am not a big fan of the COP--I find its bass quality to be sort of poor (bloated and messy, IMO). If you are looking for a more balanced and detailed HP overall, I would steer you to the M40x, which is the best of those you list IMO. Just my take and YMMV, of course.

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