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V-Moda Crossfade LP

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by catalyst21, Sep 23, 2010.
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  1. catalyst21
    I figured to start a thread and gather people's opinions and thoughts on these since there isn't much talk about them on here.
    I actually gave them an audition yesterday and was actually pretty impressed. Why aren't these frequently talked about or recommended?
  2. catalyst21
  3. catalyst21
  4. SoSpecial
    Not sure if they are that great, usually people don't like to drop over $200 on headphones that aren't popular.  I mean if you think they sound really good then you need to ask yourself if they sound $250 good, cause I'd be careful with my money at that amount.
    I wont say they are bad until I've tried them, but I don't have a lot of hope until then you understand?
  5. catalyst21
  6. torptube
    I have a pair. They sound really good out an ipod directly. Sometimes the bass is overpowering, but it seems like my brain gets used to it. After that, it's surprisingly balanced. 
    They're also really comfortable, so prolonged listening isn't hard on the ears.
  7. kennerd
    That right! i have no idea why its rarely known in the field.
    i am currently using them to. Its pretty good and its really comfortable i must say.
    i can have them on all day. i love the strong but not over-powering bass.
    So it doesn't mask out the rest. Plus i am quite a sucker for bass. 
    So these are really ideal for me.
  8. catalyst21
    finally people who have them are starting to show up! why are they rarely talked about in this field? just because they're frequently put side by side with beats? jeez
  9. torptube
    In my opinion they sound better than the beats, but I've only sampled the beats.
    They aren't as clear as my V900HD's or SA3000's, but the sound is much more fun. 
  10. BelleRose
    I got a pair but upon trying them out, sound didn't come out of the right ear hooked up to my amp. So i returned them for the guaranteed refund and yet to receive my money back. Their customer service is pretty horrible from what I've experienced.
  11. revolink24


    Really? Back when I had Vibes (back when the Vibes weren't crappy) their customer service was superb.
  12. ccluk
    I owned a pair of Crossfade LP. 
    I have tried different sources and concluded that iPhone, iPad, and Macbook are the best source, other sources will have less power to drive the headphones, and bass will become muddy.  With the correct source the bass is deep and involving, a bit better than the beats studio I have.
  13. Jameshillbilly
    I own these Crossfade headphones, they are efficiently powered by iPhone 4. The built in mic on the cords performs very well according to my callers. The lows are very pronounced, but are easily tamed using the "bass reduction" EQ setting. I have notes that the sound leaks out to a fair extent, secondary to the small air vents on the back of each phone. I landed them from 128headphones for $110 on eBay.
  14. MrJohnny
    I Checked these out, Not to badd COnsidering they are cheaper than the beats, Still way over prices, very comfy. But they Highs are not sparkly they are pretty rolled off,  The SKullcandy Aviators have more of a high end and less bass. 
  15. ajreynol
    my brother bought a pair and they sound pretty good.  mids and highs are recessed, but they don't do anything poorly for the price.  definitely better than the Bose's in that range and with more bass than most.  I'd go as far as to say the mids are a bit muffled.  good sound stage.
    I would, however, look at those new Denon 1001's before buying.  I'd love to see a direct comparison between the 2.  I can tell you that my D5000's blew them away in every way.  but that's not necessarily a fair comparison.
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