V jays vs Portapros.A concise review.
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Nov 14, 2010
So i decided to borrow a friend's portapro's and compare them them to my v jays.I used amanda marshall's first self totled release along with some other rock cds.I am in no way an experienced audiophile so i'll do my best to compare them.Upon testing "let it rain" the differences were noticeable.The bass was tighter and the treble was slightly piercing and much louder.The portapro's on the other hand were warmer with boomier bass and warmer treble.Moving on i then tested ozzy's i don't wanna stop.The portapro's were more fun to listen to on this track.Great treble,mids and highs with the boomy bass us rockers love.v jays were ok with this song.conclusion if you want sleeker looks with px100 sound go for the v jays.if you want more fun sound pick the portapro's.

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