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UW Madison area head-fiers?

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  1. cpzzy
    This’ll be my first year at UW Madison, and as a “mindless” audiophile, I brought my entire headphone setup to my tiny student apartment on campus. Are there any other head-fiers around this area? :)
  2. rando
    Akg k1000
  3. MadSounds
    I'm not really in your area (from Milwaukee) but I'm defiantly interested in any public headphone meets between Chicago and the twin cities. Just bought back into an he-6 and i really want to hear more of whats out there before doubling down on a speaker amp.

    Nice, what are you driving it with, very interested as an he-6 owner with a humble 8 watt into 50 ohm NOS11. also nice 15 years on headfi, I feel like the community has shifted a lot in the last few years, i can only imagine how it looks for you.
  4. rando
    I was using an International Audio Group single ended el84 amp. Nice amp but not enough to drive the K's
    Now using a dual mono Carlos LM3886 gainclone diy amp based on the 47 Labs amp which I think is fantastic.

    I connected with cpzzy from the original post. Will try to get a get together scheduled.
  5. MadSounds
    I'm disappointed no one else has responded, I blame them for locking the old regional threads. One post on those and most of the area headfi'ers will get e-mails immediately, people would need to be searching to find this.
Thread Status:
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