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Utterly CRAZY review of 64 audio u12t

  1. Pinna-inna
    Guys I just found this bizarre (to put it mildly) review of the 64 audio u12t on you tube. I don't know if the guy is mentally ill, or just plain odd, but the review is like nothing i have EVER seen before.

    It's an unboxing, and a genuine one, and he compares the u12ts to the campfire andromeda and a set called the 'vestibular raspberries' ?????? sure never heard of them.

    The whole review is just odd, scary even. I dont know if im being nasty, maybe the guy is sincere and just has a few issues. Maybe someone here knows him.

    anyway here it is

  2. redrol
    A mini disc player? wow..
  3. Pinna-inna
    Yeah - not seen one of them for a while. What kind of nutter uses a world class in ear moniter with a minidisk player? and a cassette player!!!!!!
  4. AudioBomb
    scary, lol.
  5. jant71
    Vestibular Raspberries FTW!
  6. Pinna-inna
    Was that a MASK he threw on the table at the end? and have you checked out some of the other videos this guy has uploaded??? theyre are like some kind of chronicle of his mental illness. IM not mocking or anything... he admits that.. some kinda anger therapy ... and they were made YEARS ago. hey maybe becoming an audiophile has helped him... sure hope so
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019 at 8:08 PM
  7. AudioBomb
    oh man, so surreal... lol
  8. noknok23
    It's good if he can channel his energy into something creative. I hope more reviews from him will come.
  9. AudioBomb
    Just subscribed. This guy is amazing!
  10. Pinna-inna
    Me too - those other vids... they are just crazy! "You ruined my life!":dt880smile: what is that??? !!! really interesting vids though, especially that long 'explanation for my treatment' one!!!!
  11. AudioBomb
    This guy is Da Bomb! :D

    I understand what he's trying to do. Clever guy. Will get rich.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019 at 6:44 PM

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