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Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by Anthony Campbell, Oct 2, 2017.
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  1. bigshot
    It's a lot better to identify the problem before you go trying to fix it. If you try to fix theoretical problems rather than focusing on ones you can actually hear, you're going to end up getting theoretical improvements, rather than ones you can actually hear.

    It really isn't hard to put together a great sounding system. If you do your research correctly, you should just go out and get something and use it until either it burns out or you do. If you're replacing stuff you've already bought with something different, you're doing it wrong.
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    OFF topic 3000!!!!!

    maybe you've been reading Shiit and their massive fanbase too much.
    from my paranoid skeptical point of view, here is how it went over the last years:
    -Shiit comes and start making DACs, USA, cheap stuff, etc.
    - many people have issues with noise on those gears.
    - Shiit makes a magic box/USB extender for 100$ that may or may not improve USB, but of course could help solve some of the issues the Shiit gears had sometimes manifested. get cheap DACs, pay 100$ more on a box just in case for it to actually be fine under most uses. I see that as them having messed up and making money on a fix, but somehow on headfi it turned into USB is bad, the Wyrd is a great device.
    -then Baldr starts discussing how USB is flawed and you guys all went banana because hey it's him. going for old CD players after he said he preferred one. going for all sorts of chained magic boxes and converters and galvanized whatev. but then he mocked self proclaimed galvanized stuff so it wasn't good anymore. what are we going to do? the world is ending and it's not because of incompetent world leaders!!!!!
    -now we're up with usb gen5 thing, and everybody needs the upgrade despite saying how the Yggy before was the best stuff since slice bread omagad eargasm goes to 11. and just in case get a Shiit Eitr and test SPDIF on all gears compatible, who knows it could be better, or not, just buy one. oh and wait, the gen5 thing features full galvanic isolation!!! ahahahah, gotcha!

    when you think about all the people who bothered to try and make USB working just fine on most computers years ago, they really have no commercial talent. just like in the media, first inject unfounded fear, then profit.
  3. Strangelove424
    No physical medium is impermeable to time, and digital storage mediums have had their share of problems. I've cursed at many a disk. Even a new drive has a certain failure rate. The benefit of digital is that the data isn’t locked to the storage medium like analog. The data can float between multiple drives, and failure on one doesn’t necessarily effect the data itself. You can’t disconnect the information in analog from the medium the same way. A lot of digital tech took time to mature, but I think in the modern age you’d be a lot smarter to spend $400 on a simple HDD + backup (maybe even one in the cloud) than a single exorbitant tape master, even if cost wasn’t a factor. Though it’s hard for me to even think that way when the cost is so high.

    On a side note, I know atleast one company I worked for used nightly tape backups for the servers. The IT guys seemed to trust the non-mechanical nature of it, and the ability to store large amounts of data cheaply. With nightly backups, however, long term durability wasn't a problem. And digital data stored to tape doesn't have generational loss the way analog stored to tape does.

    I thought el chupacabra was a good correlation to jitter because they did actually find some cows with their blood sucked out. I think that part of the story was legit. Likewise, I’m not saying jitter doesn’t exist or that a chupacabra will never feast upon me. I just don’t have first hand experience with either, cannot establish a relevance to myself, so am choosing to leave them out of my day to day decision making. With all due respect to el chuparaba and jitter.
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  4. Strangelove424
    I get nervous just looking at the poor girl. I had to remove her form your quote just to stop seeing her.

    Sometimes choosing not to worry is just a decision you have to make based on evidence, or lack of evidence. You could stress on forever about what is possible in life, without that possibility ever coming to fruition. It applies equally to el chupacabra and jitter. When problems do come up, those problems are usually obvious, and are obviously dealt with. We tend to magnify problems psychologically, giving them more weight than they deserve. Music should be a stress relief, not a cause of it. I’d do an ABX, make a decision based off the results, and let that be that.

    The chucacbra stuff brings up an interesting point about mythology. I think mythology is actually very important. The question is what we mythologize and how. It’s a creative process to think of a creature in the realm of possibility. But if a man came around selling blessed cuchabra protective fencing for extraordinarily high costs under the fear of what could happen if you didn’t buy it, that steps over the realm of imagination into commercial swindle. Discussing theoreticals in audio like jitter is fine, but when charlatans catch wind of such an idea, they propagate it in a fearful way, and use it as an excuse to sell something. Based on only two assumptions: that the problem is bad enough to worry about to begin with, and that throwing stupid amounts of money at a given problem can solve it. Both propositions in the case of jitter, and many other audio claims, are false.

    Remember when the mythology was about album covers, what drugs the band took, and which women inspired the heartache songs? Go back to that mythology, the mythology of the music. That's where the life of it is.
  5. Redcarmoose
    image.png image.jpeg
    When ever a company gets popular the audio knitting circle seems to dig up the dirt.

    The Philips CDV-400.................Theta went all out and put a "stronger chassis" and Theta Data Transport nomenclature and sent placebo through the roof!

    It may have sounded better sounded better? $2400 in 1991 dollars .........I simply don't know.


    Seriously, I personally don't care. I'm not a Schiit fanboy and only own a single product from them. And even that single product wasn't born without complications .

    The Asgard One:
    Early versions of the product came without a power relay, with the implication being you should have the volume pot all the way down, and unplug your headphones before ever turning the amp on or off. That is fairly standard precaution with the higher end of audio equipment, which both Stoddard and Moffat came from. Not so much in the market that they were targeting with the Asgard.
    Since then, they've added a relay to all of their amps that need one, and have offered to add one to any amp that was sold prior to this for free.
    Stoddard goes over the incident with the Schiit side of the story at
    NWAvGuy wasn't actually banned for his interactions with Schiit, but due to the very strict advertising rules at Head-Fi.
    The Asgard never actually permanently damaged or destroyed any headphones. The Schiit Lyr, however, did kill a $1.5k pair of Ultrasones Ed 8s, but this was due to an actual defect with a specific unit. Schiit replaced the Ultrasone and the Lyr for the owner.


    But still castleofargh......your post pertains only if I owned a bunch of Schiit stuff, which I don't.

    I'm not following anyone or any one company but simply trying to listen.

    It could be definition one or two or both? Mythical talks were actually stories which had an understood level of facts combined with ancient wisdom spread to the young. Though now the word has a slightly different meaning in use.
    Well that's what we are all chasing, that night when we were 18 and listening to Reo Speedwagon wondering and mesmerizing about what the cover really was supposed to be about. life we cared for nothing else at the moment, as we were in the moment.

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  6. bigshot
    I saw REO Speedwagon live at the Palamino back in the day and I can tell you that what they were on about was cocaine.
  7. Strangelove424
    Well, we're way off topic by now, but since the OP has already found the help he needs and is now happily ripping away at his CDs, I suppose there's no harm.

    I can only speak to my own interpretation, which mainly comes from studying literature in college, and reading Joseph Campbell who was a mythologist/literary critic. In his view, and the view with which we interpreted classical works, myths were systems of understanding that related man to his environment, namely nature. It was a way of building meaning because meaning comes from the establishment of relationships. Concepts are a series of relationships. That fundamental idea is expressed by both Buddhists and modern day logicians. Archaic systems of thought appear false to us now because they are based on limited observation, namely missing the observations of science. But science can be viewed as a mythological system too, albeit one that makes far more sense and can incorporate far more observational data. It is still, however, a system of understanding, a model for relating the world to ourselves. And it does require a bit of creativity too. Atoms, and subatomic particles aren't perfect balls. Their ratio in mass/energy is tiny compared to their actual space, and the posters in science class are a bit of a farce. But we still tell that story for the sake of understanding, and connecting ideas.

    Yes... "in the moment". That's where the music is. And that's where we have to enjoy it.
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  8. Jazmanaut
    One can hear difference of 320mp3 and unpacked version. i can do it in blind test, like on ratio 8/10 or so... but it's very, very difficult. You have to have top notch system and you have to know, what to seek. Difference is very subtle indeed.
    And if you have loud track, with squashed dynamics, mp3 codec can get distorted. Thats why i leave -0.7dB room from master output, when im doing mp3 conversions for client.
  9. bigshot
    It all depends on the codec and the bitrate. I've found that with certain music, I can discern artifacting in Fraunhofer MP3 up to 320, but not with LAME 320. I don't believe anyone can discern the difference between AAC 256 VBR and uncompressed WAV. AAC is able to achieve audible transparency.
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