Using the Milty Zerostat
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Mar 18, 2002
Does anyone have any comments on how far to keep this thing away from your cartridge? Is there any danger in de-magnetizing your MC cart?
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May 8, 2003
i hated my zerostat when i had one many years ago & will never buy one again. i think it created static. i always had to use a wet wipe with d4 afterwards & i would avoid zapping your cartridge. i always zapped a record 3 times evenly around the record. i would manually spin the record & then zap always keeping the charge away from the cartridge. i would use a damp stylus brush to sweep the dust off the stylus more frequently in the dry winter months. if you think you have stylus static you may want to try the cardas sweep record which has a cartridge degausser track which is recommended to be used weekly.

besides, i was frequently zapping myself with the zerostat or my kids would sneak up behind me, zap me & run..

for anti-static i quit using my fireplace & added a portable humidifier to the room & eventually a whole house humidifier on the central air system. humidification really works best, imo! i think your best bet is to add a portable humidifier to your listening room. it should virtually eliminate the static situation. using distilled water is a good way to avoid putting out evaporated chemical dust that leaves that white dust everywhere & i don’t how good it is for that crap to build up in the old lungs.

one thing the zerostat may be good fo is rejuvinating the anti-static dust brushes.

good luck

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