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Using TASCAM DR-05 as External mic?

  1. Cobaltius
    I recently switched from a Nokia Lumia Icon to the fairly new Galaxy S6 and the Microphones for recording on the Lumia Icon was so good. It was clear had, no distortion in any frequencies no matter how loud the sound got and ect. I used this to record videos of me playing drums to evaluate my playing and just sometimes for fun and they always came out perfectly clear. Now switching to the Galaxy S6 the mics are terrible when compared to the Lumia. They distort and clip like crazy because of the loud sounds. I plan on purchasing a TASCAM DR-05 portable audio recorder because they sound really good (even better than my Lumia Icon's mics)  Is it possible if I can use the TASCAM as an external mic for my phone via line-out ect.

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