Using Pioneer Hdj 2000 with ipod
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Jan 3, 2013
I recently have bought a pair of pioneer hdj 2000s and am away from from my mixer so I haven't been able to listen to them with anything besides ipod's and computers. They sound decent on the ipod but the bass is barely there. They are 3.5 Watt and 32 ohm headphones so I realize they need a lot of power. I bought a small sound system that was 2.5 Watts to see how they sounded and they sounded worse than with just ipod. I figured I would rip out the circuitry of the sound system and make a portable amp like the altoids amp but it seems they do nothing for me. Would an altoids amp perform any better? Right now my bass is terrible.
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Jun 21, 2013
I own a pioneer hdj-2000! :)
And yes,evn after changing to equalizer to bass boost,u can hardly hear any bass!! :frowning2:
I'hv recently ordered a cmoybb rechargeable version! :)
And it vll be shipped within 2-3weeks! ^^
As soon as i get it,i'vl let u noe if it mkes any difference! :)
Buh i dont understand 1thing,before buying my headphones,i read oll the reviews,and in most of them,,ppl said tat these cans r amazing!!
Buh ten wen i brought these,i got preety disappointed! :/
I mean,evn beats sound bttr tan these! :/

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