Using capacitors on a non-iMod iPod
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Mar 24, 2009
Hey all. Just wondering. ALO advertises that although it's possible to use their capacitors (the Jumbo Cryo X Silver iMod Dock and Portable V-Cap Dock), they don't recommend it. If I were to use my P V-cap Dock or JCXS iMod Dock with my non-iMod iPod (a regular 5.5G 80GB) would I experience any degradation in SQ? Or would it just sound the same as if there was no capacitor? Or would it actually increase the SQ? Thanks!!
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I'm not asking if it can do it, because I know it won't. What I'm asking is if it would affect/improve SQ any. But what I'm hearing is that it will only roll off the bass
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As I read it, the Imod is much more than just the Caps.... They just coudn't fit the Caps in the 5th gen. so just an ALO cable won't do it?

That's correct but the OP was asking if he could use an iMod cable with normal, non-mod iPods. The answer is possible. It's just like putting a pair of caps in the signal path, which will degrade the SQ significantly. You'll experience a bass roll-off and flat soundstage. If you don't believe, go try it yourself.
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actually to be more accurate I was wondering if I should use my V-cap dock or just use my LOD from my iPod. So would I actually benefit more from NOT using the Vcap dock with the iPod?
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Lol. It's just that I've got my vcap sitting there doing nothing. Lol. :p

If it could improve my sq even on a normal iPod, hy not? :p

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