Using an older 5.1 Reciever Amp for HD600?
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New Head-Fier
Nov 29, 2008
I'm relatively new to the audiophile scene and after looking around for what I want and what I can afford, I have decided to go with a pair of HD600s.

Before I actually make my final purchase I had a few questions. First of all I know these cans really should be amped but here are my questions. My source is a Creative X-Fi which I may mod with a better opamp and caps. If I were to plug the HD600 directly into it would it be able to power them for a strong 80dB or so sound? What about if I stick my Logitech Z-5500 between the X-Fi and the HD600s with a bitperfect SPDIF to the Z-5500 receiver and then use that to control volume.

Another option I really wanted to find out about would be to use an old 5.1 receiver and amp to drive the HD600s. The amp is a 500W 5.1 JVC RX-6008V receiver with DD and DTS.

How would this compare to directly hooking up to my X-Fi or compared to the Z-5500 amp.

Would the purchase of HD600s be worth it if I expect to be hooking them up to an X-Fi with or without either of the amps?

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