Using a Pre-pro for Multiple Sources and Volume Control - Possible?
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Nov 22, 2008
[size=small]While I’ve been a long-time lurker, this is my first post. I’m hopeful that some of the more experienced members will overlook my naiveté and lack of knowledge and offer a little education. I’ve used the search function but yet I’m still not sure on a couple of points.[/size]

[size=small]My basic question is: Given the choices I’ll outline below, what would be the best way for me to connect a headphone amp to my preamp AND be able to mainain the ability to use my preamp for volume control?[/size]

[size=small]My situation is this…I have the Denon AVP-HDCI pre-pro that I use for both two-channel listening as well as home theater functions. It is Denon’s flagship unit and comes with a multitude of outputs and ways to configure it. For example, it has assignable pre-outs (both balanced as well as single-ended), several zone configurations, etc. It also has a source-direct feature for any chosen source…meaning one can bypass the preamp’s tone and equalization circuits. [/size]

[size=small]This unit also has the ability to stream music (including FLAC files) and my intention is to use it primarily for this. However, I also have a Denon 3930ci player connected to it via the proprietary Denon link (i.e., a CAT6 cable). I use this second source for some CD…but mainly for SACD and DVD-A discs.[/size]

[size=small]My equipment rack sits in a different room and I currently have a pair of interconnects (RCA right now…but could be switched to XLR) running under the house in the crawl space and popping out through the floor into my listening room. Unfortunately, where I will need to place the headphone amp will be about ten feet from my listening chair…which means no easy access to the headamp’s volume control.[/size]

[size=small]The bottom line is…I have two reasons for wanting to use the volume control on my preamp. I have multiple sources (one of which is the preamp itself) and I won’t have easy access to the headphone amp’s volume pot.[/size]

[size=small]Can I accomplish what I’m after with today’s headphone amps without sacrificing audio quality? If so…what would be the best way to hook up (i.e., what gets plugged into what)? As far as headphone amps are concerned, I haven’t quite made a decision…however I keep hearing the Singlepower units and even the Zana Duex calling my name now and then. I’m trying to ignore the call, but not having much luck.

[size=small]Seriously…any help would be appreciated.[/size]

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