USED IEM and DAP combo for ~$1000 for metal
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Feb 10, 2011
Due to a change in my job I am switching from a desktop system to a DAP and IEM combo as my primary listening setup.

I don't follow IEM//portable threads like I do full size, so please recommend some options!

I do have an LG V20 that has acted as my "DAP" over the last few years so if investing in a mid range device would not be an upgrade I could spend more on IEMs. But I would prefer a smaller device and then relegate the V20 to gym use only.


- Used! No problem buying here and waiting for a good deal

- $1,000 total for DAP and IEMs

- I prefer a neutral/clinical sound signature, mild V shape is fine too since I happy to EQ the bottom end if needed

- Buying almost exclusively for METAL (fast technical death metal, melodic death, "atmospheric" deathcore, some melodic metalcore and occasionally alt/prog metal)

- I do not plan on streaming so local DAP storage is all I need. I spend a lot of time in "airplane mode" and prefer to support small artists by purchasing in FLAC or CD

Please offer suggestions! I'm down with the Chi-Fi or anything else that I can feasibly find in the classifieds here.

Coming from my current setup which I enjoy:
Schiit Bifrost
Schiit Lyr (OG dual tube)
MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open
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I am not familiar with IEMs in that price range, but I can tell you for faster metal music (I only listen to good stuff and not -core :stuck_out_tongue:) I am a fan of designs that incorporate a mix of BA and dynamic drivers. Dynamics in my experience just "hit" on the low end better than BAs but BAs tend to provide the transient response and detail high paced music appreciates.

Just a general concept though. I defer to people with more exp in this range of course.
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Whoa whoa! If you fancy yourself a connoisseur, do please check out some 'core' like Fit For An Autopsy's latest masterpiece - The Sea of Tragic Beasts. But generally I agree...if they sell the shirt at Hot Topic, probably not for me.

Thanks for the input!

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