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Use of Sandisk Wireless stick in iOS for music

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Rabco, Dec 31, 2018.
  1. Rabco
    I am considering the purchase of a Sandisk Wireless Stick to hold my AIFF music files for my iPhone SE.

    My 'buds are Shure 425's which IMHO need equalization for playback on the phone to realize their potential.

    I use the EQ10 app to equalize and control music playback on my phone.

    Apparently you access the files on the Wireless Stick by using Sandisk's Connect app. Tutorials say you can direct the Connect App to open a file in an iOS app of your chosing, rather than using the Connect App's file folder interface. I would ask the Connect App to open the music file in the EQ10 app for playback.

    I don't want to equalize the files, I want to equalize the file playback.

    Has anyone used a Sandisk Wireless Stick as flash drive storage for their music on an iPhone or iPad, and been able to use an equalization app to open the desired music file?

    Throwing myself on the mercy of the forum as I've been unable to find an answer from a variety of sources (manufacturer, youTube, etc).

    Would be nice to know before I drop the dough!:ksc75smile:

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